17 Weird Inventions That Actually Exist

Weird Inventions from the Past that Changed the World- Awesome Inventions that Made Millions

Weird Inventions from the Past that Changed the World- Awesome Inventions that Made Millions

Have you ever come across some weird product in front of you and wondered why does it exist? or Like who is the ingenious creative mind behind such weird inventions?

Indeed there is a thin line between crazy and ingenious.

In the world of about nearly 7 billion people, some crazy heads are coming up with truly weird inventions. Everyday problems demand some viable solutions. But coming up with crazy weird inventions prove to be sometimes really useful or at times awful!

These weird inventions claim to solve your problems like loneliness, limited space and much more.

But these good intentions most of the time make worse for you!



Some of you might find these weird inventions useful but these will remain the bizarre innovations ever in human history!

1. ShowerHood

This 1970 German invention helps in protecting your hair and makeup while having a shower.

This weird invention has certainly made us baffled.



Is this meant to keep your hair dry while you shower or face dry? For people who are really confused at this innovation can choose to use this hood in either way!


Source- stylewhack


With this hood, you can definitely save your makeup from ruin while keeping your hair dry.


2. Mustache Shield

This mustache shield was invented to protect from getting spoiler by eating and drinking.


Source- AR15


This innovation is dated back to the year 1876 patented by Virgil A. Gates.

To keep your mustache dry several companies have come up with their products which you can find online. You can wear it over mustache or place it on the cup to protect it from liquid drinks.


Source- olddesignshop


This 1800s invention has now been updated according to its present times.


3. Shoe Umbrellas

Now, this invention is pretty ridiculous!

These shoe Umbrellas are not meant for keeping feet dry it rains. It is innovated to protect your expensive shoes from water.



This whackiest innovation is by none other than the Japanese contribution who are world renowned for their ridiculous inventions. This shoe Umbrella comes up in different colors like red, blue, green, and yellow. These can be mixed up with white color.


Source- journalistate


These shoes claim to extend the life of your expensive shoes. The umbrella can be used during rains. It can be folded when not in use.


4. Flask Tie

Flask tie is the invention which has made easy for all the office employees to enjoy their favourite beverage during office hours.


Source- townsquare


This necktie comes with a hidden pouch where you can hold your favourite exciting drink. Men can secretly enjoy their drink without inviting any suspicion.

All you have to do is just fill the tie bladder, bite the valve and enjoy the liquid whether it be water, alcohol or something else!


Source- coolestuff


This flask tie can be taken to parties as well as these will firmly be secured around your neck. To avoid any spill this kind of bladders have a self-sealing valve for your convenience.


5. Grass Flip-flops

Who doesn’t like to start a morning while walking on fresh and green grass?

This is a healthy habit. But the busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you to adopt this habit.


Source- dudeiwantthat


How about using grass flipflops with unique style and comfort always at your service. Obviously, it’s totally weird to wear such crafty slippers. But the world is going really crazy to try this footwear with synthetic grass on it.


Source- thingsidesire


Also, there will be no stress of watering and mowing them like natural grass. These thongs covered in artificial grass will give you the ultimate feel of lush green lawn under your feet.

These flip-flops can be a quirky gift for your friends and family.


6. The Dogbrella

The invention of dogbrella in a way makes much more sense.

Who likes the smell of a wet dog? Obviously no one!

In case you are wondering how will a dog be kept under an umbrella. Don’t worry the dogbrella hooks can be attached to your dog’s leash or collar.



This product will definitely keep your doggo clean and dry while enjoying a walk in rain.


Source- northglenews


It’s basically an inverted umbrella with a handle for you to hold while a walk. These special umbrellas are made with polypropylene that works both in rain and snow.

This weird invention has surly relieved the dog owners, for now, they will no more be in dread during rainy season!


7. Butter Stick

Luke Moon is the person who invented the butter stick in the year 1867.

It was his original idea to put butter in a stick. Since then many versions of this product has been invented.


Source- reddit


This is a ridiculous invention ever. Is it really hard to put butter on your toast with a knife?

This particular stick was invented during a game of cricket to prepare food easily and fast.


Source- ippinka


The only plus point is that it is not messy to use. Using a butter stick can avoid slippery wrappers, annoying crumbs, and greasy hands.


8. Baby Mop

If your baby crawls a lot then this weird invention is worth attention for all the parents out there!


Source- mugwomp


Baby Mop is an outfit which has mop pieces attached to help in cleaning and polishing of the floors.

The more the mobility of your baby, the more clear are your floors.


Source- tyfinder


Well! This is simply a ridiculous invention ever!

The company claims that it will teach babies some household ethic and it will help them learn household chores early in life.

But what about the germs on the outfit? It will really be too close to your baby and might put a lot of risk on their health.

Don’t you think it is the whackiest innovation ever?


9. Hug Me Pillow

Who doesn’t love the combination of a hug and some good nap time at night? The inventor wanted to create a comfortable and warm way to relax while watching TV. So he came up with an ingenious idea of a hug me a pillow.


Source- overstock


Indeed it offers a cosy alternative to the boring traditional pillows.


Source- eBay


The anime body pillow is very much shaped like a human arm, a hand which is attached to the chest to provide a complete warmth in your lonely times.


10. Candle Forks

The invention of candle forks is really a cool but also a weird invention at the same time.

These special forks can hold candles and are reusable for various occasions. You can combine forks and birthday candles in an easy way. This invention is really cool because of its dual functionality.


Source- Pinterest


No more running around for finding forks during parties for your guests. The candle forks are really easy and convenient to use.


Source- Pinterest


At first, it seemed weird and one of those whackiest innovation by crazy heads. But it’s used has made it but among people around the world. Plus it advocates the less use of plastics in a way.


11. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

This anti-theft lunch bag will prevent your gluttonous co-workers from stealing your delicious lunch.

This bag is designed in a unique style with tinted green patches to save your food from prying hands.


Source- dustbowl


This bag will make your freshly prepared sandwich look like a month old with mouldy texture.

Obviously, this weird invention seems childish but it has become a hit among the happy customers.


Source- huffpost


The bag seems so realistic that it will not only keep thieves away but at times may also put you off too!


12. Doggles

This weird invention is a real need. It is not one of those whackiest innovations.

These special sunglasses for your pooch are in a goggle style which does more than just protecting eyes.


Source- Amazon


These stylish Ray ban rovers will protect your doggy’s eyes from dust and also blocks UV rays. It assists in relieving medical conditions autoimmune disorder where a dog gets teary eyes.

These have been designed in the shape of the dog’s head.

The material used is tinted polycarbonate with straps to fit the dog’s head. It is also effective in desert sandstorms.


Source- pitlandia


This crazy invention by Roni Di Pullover for her own dog made millions and became one of the major hit in the market.


13. Stairs With Hidden Drawers

Do you worry about storing your important papers or keys?

These hidden drawers in the staircase give unique storage space in your home.

This unique storage staircase will accommodate all your belongings and sweet memories. These stairs have been invented by an Australian company. They are made of solid timber giving it a stylish look.


Source- cabriadesign


Another plus point is that these will save a lot of space from useless drawers in your house. The dual functionality of these unique hidden drawer staircase makes it really cool invention ever.

These can be installed to keep shoes, desk accessories, table games and lots more with deep storage space inside.


14. Noodle Fan

Noodle fan is an excellent example of one of those horrible inventions. A fan which is attached to the chopsticks while you enjoy your favourite ramen noodles.



Obviously, nobody likes a burnt tongue! But inventing a noodle fan is absolutely lame. You can simply cool the noodles by blowing air rather than wasting time using noodles fan.

But this invention is beneficial for the lazy people around who are tired to blow the noodles to cool them off.


Source- eveningstandard


Turning on these handy fans to cool your noodles is one of the silliest inventions you will ever see by crazy heads.


15. Computer Privacy Scarf

This particular scarf has been designed for technology fans everywhere. The computer hood is hit among the people who seek a bit more private environment.


Source- TechEblog


It is developed by Joe Malia, a graduating student at the Royal College of Art in London. This unique scarf protects the privacy of your portable devices in a public place.

It does look a bit scary and frankly more creepy. Since privacy on the internet is the topmost concern of people, this scarf has become hit among tech lovers.


16. Diet Water

Diet Water is the perfect weight loss beverage for all the fitness freaks out there!

This is one of the weird innovations ever from Japan.

Some of you might not believe but diet water does exist.



This water bottle has several minerals like Vitamin D, Chromium, and Zinc which is scientifically proven to banish sugar cravings and turn fat into energy.

Among tonnes of fitness and health-related products, this diet Water is worth a try!


17. Lipstick Assistant

If you are not pro at putting up a perfect lipstick on a busy day then the lipstick assistant is here to save your day.

Obviously, nobody wants to go out on an outing without putting on the lipstick. Neither anybody would step out with imperfect lipstick to an important meeting.


Source- Pinterest


This lipstick mask helps you to put a perfect lining of your lips. But this ridiculous invention became a major failure because of its uselessness. It seems more useful for immature kids who like to paint their faces.

This whacky invention is in the list of funniest and strange innovations ever.

Aren’t you baffled enough?

Surely some of these weird inventions by crazy heads are ridiculous. But some of them are worth a try!

Have you come across some weird inventions like these? Let us know in the comments section.