Valentine’s Day Gifts: 10 Ways to Gift Flowers On This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Gift- Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas- Unique Ways to Gift Flowers Bouquet Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift- Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas- Unique Ways to Gift Flowers Bouquet Ideas

As Valentine’s Day is approaching you might be looking for some great Valentine’s Day gifting ideas to surprise your beloved this year!

Ditch traditional gifting ideas on this Valentine’s Day and make your lover feel special with some jaw-dropping gorgeous floral gifts, floral displays or flower arrangements.

Nothing feels more special than making memories with the person you love.

So start your Valentine’s Day with fresh flowers right floral arrangements to set the romantic mood and show them the care and thought you are putting into this Valentine’s Day!

1. Rainbow Rose Bouquet

On this valentine’s day why to settle for just a single colour rose when you can gift your loved one a kaleidoscope of colours!


Brighten up their day beautiful colours of brilliant red roses, soft and delicate pink roses, glorious yellow roses and perfect peach roses.

Source- Listia

You can add a beautiful vase to this glorious assortment and create the magic of love when she will open the box to this splash of colours.

2. Dutch Sweetheart Tulips

Tulips represent the exact definition of “perfect love”. They can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and wonderful flower choice for your loved one.

A bunch of exotic Dutch Tulips are perfect for the celebration of any occasion.

Source- FineArtAmerica

You can decorate the room of your lover with beautiful, curly, feathered, and colourful petals of tulips. These exotic tulips will be a clear standout star on this valentine’s day.

3. Roses In A Box

Over the last years, gifting roses in a box have gained immense popularity on social media.

With this gifting idea, you can transform the traditional way of gifting a bouquet of flowers to your loved ones.


Choose the fresh roses, high-quality flowers and make a classy assortment of beautiful flowers. This arrangement can be a great gifting choice with an elegant combination of hot pink roses and white roses.

4. Cascade Bouquet

Though cascade bouquet is ideal for a wedding you can opt for gifting this to your beloved on this Valentine’s Day.

A cascade bouquet is a loose arrangement of flowers and flowing ribbons with some greens and vines that will surely add romance to your new love.


Cascade bouquets are heavy but you can customise your ones with pastel hues by adding peach coloured flowers.

5. Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet is perfect to celebrate this joyful time with your loved one.

On this Valentine’s Day fill her life with spring flowers that will add freshness and grace to her home or the workplace. You can choose fresh, lovely, and luxurious pearl pink roses as a perfect gift for the princess in your life.

Source- papernstitchblog

These spring bouquet will add charm and grace. You can also select gorgeous and sweet smelling lilies to express the warmth of your love and convey your compassion in the most loving way.

6. Seasonal Plants

On this Valentine’s Day, you can gift seasonal plants to your loved one.

Go for an adorable mini orchid plant, colourful asters, summer dahlias or hot dark pink azaleas to surprise her on this special occasion.

You can also make her day with kalanchoe plant in bright pink potted in a beautiful ceramic planter.


Make sure the plants are potted in best soil and grown in perfect condition.

You can choose a rustic wood container with a special love message embossed on it to convey your love for her and make her feel special.

7. Air Plant Pendant

A normal everyday gift won’t add much magic or surprise on this beautiful occasion.

Gift your loved one a geometric pendant that will serve as a planter for a unique air plant. This beautiful gift she will be able to wear while hiking through the rainforest or swimming at the waterfall.


Such an amazing gift can be the perfect statement piece that she will treasure every day!

8. Colourful Floral Wreath

A wreath is a form of ring assorted with beautiful flowers, twigs, leaves, and other materials.

You can gift a beautiful wreath to her so that she can decorate it inside her house on the wall or at the entrance which will definitely remind your love to her every day.


Decorate the wreath with sweet-smelling herbs, lavender or Eucalyptus. You can also make a charming combination of bright reds and pinks to make your floral wreath look beautiful. This valentine’s day gift will definitely add a charm to your beloved’s home.

9. Heart Shaped Bamboo

When bamboo stalks are arranged together, they make an amazing gift.

When you gift somebody bamboo stalks you are gifting them the blessings of good fortune and luck. A heart-shaped bamboo stalks will constantly remind your lover the love and care of yours to her.


Choose a classy planter with the love message or some inspiring quote embossed on it that will convey your care to the love of your life.

10. Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are a perfect way to start a new friendship on this Valentine’s Day. These are perfect for expressing your platonic love to your beloved.

Source- frugalflower

Arrange the long-stemmed yellow roses beautifully inside a classic glass vase with some greens and gift it to her on this special occasion. These cheerful blossoms will add sunshine to her life. It will definitely be an ultimate surprise to brighten up the life of your loved ones.

Hope these flower arrangement ideas for this valentine’s day add special care and feel in the life of the one whom you adore.

With these simple and sweet flower bouquet ideas, make this holiday special for your sweetheart and a memorable one for the years to come!

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