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Top Celebrity Gossip, Celebrity Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment Websites in the World- Best Showbiz and Celebrity Gossip Blogs
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Top celebrity gossip, celebrity breaking news- fashion, lifestyle, entertainment news gossip websites in the world- best showbiz and celebrity gossipnews

Sneaking into celebrity gossip, private affairs, and famous celebrities personal life is everybody’s a guilty pleasure!

The Internet is now flooded with the latest celebrity news on weddings, love affairs, and much more. It’s not the same old infobox of career-related queries.

One or the other famous celebrity face is always on news for their personal lives.

A rumour takes seconds to become big news of the year on social media. Whether it’s a celebrity breaking news on a wedding or a new airport look, paparazzi do not leave any chance to update its minute details.

Today most of the crowd on the internet is either searching for some hot entertainment news gossip or catching up on the latest celebrity news or celebrity gossip information.



1. PEOPLE.com

PEOPLE.com is the largest American celebrity gossip website with a record of 70 million unique readerships across the world.

The entertainment website people magazine covers all the celebrity breaking news and gossipnews.



Before moving on to its online version, it started off as a people magazine which is still available in print. The people magazine has 40 million readerships worldwide.

The people magazine does not publish unsubstantiated rumours. This makes it stand out of the rest!



PEOPLE.com covers all the entertainment news gossip from celebrities to the President with utmost dignity and respect. It publishes the same articles from the people magazine.

Its online presence has a reach of all the age groups.

The website features articles on celebrity, fashion, lifestyle, news, entertainment, and much more.


2. PerezHilton.com

PerezHilton.com covers all the celebrity gossip items and top news stories of the entertainment world. The famous blogger Hilton writes for several newspaper columns. He is a television personality as well.

The blog has millions of readership worldwide. It covers all the Hollywood’s hottest celebrity gossip, entertainment news gossip, latest celebrity news, fashion, lifestyle, celebrity romance, breakups and what not!



The blog is controversial for its honest celebrity gossip about all the biggies of Hollywood. It is branded as the “ most notorious uncensored celebrity gossip site”!

The language is unapologetically cruel and a mix of tongue-in-cheek and irreverent.



The website broke a record of 8.82 million page views in just 24 hours!

The guilty pleasure of sneaking into famous celebrities life has gained Hilton a reputation none less than a star!


3. E! Online

E Online can be your source of celebrity gossip, entertainment news, lifestyle, and pop culture.

All the major red carpet events stream online on E! It will give you all the latest celebrity news on famous celebrities personal life, gossips and entertainment.



The E! News gives a weekly update and telecasts the latest entertainment top news stories. You can stream live the award shows like Academy Awards and Emmys along with the latest movie premieres.

The E! Network as over 110 million viewership across the globe in 26 languages.

It has a special section on the world-famous kardashian sisters- Keeping up with the Kardashians where the website covers the personal and public life of the kardashian sisters.



This network is a one-stop for all the latest entertainment news gossip and breaking news.


4. TMZ.com

TMZ is known for showing the real latest celebrity news. Hollywood as it is and the celebrities as they are.

Debuted in the year 2005, this website has garnered millions of readership per month. The authenticity of the entertainment news gossip is what the website is credited for!



Most of the times, TMZ is the first news outlet to break the biggest breaking news on the website.

It was TMZ who first informed the world about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy with Travis Scott.



The entertainment news gossip site claims that they do not pay for any of the interviews or stories.

On TMZ you will also get the first-hand news on sports. TMZ is the most authentic entertainment news gossip website across the world.


5. Celebuzz

Celebuzz is an entertainment website debuted in the year 2008 that features all the famous celebrities entertainment news gossip, movies, and celebrity breaking news.



The site has over 9 million unique visitors per month.

You can get all the latest candid photos of the famous celebrities straight away from the award ceremonies.

The site also features exclusive blogs written by top celebrities of Hollywood like kardashians, Holly Madison, Nick Cannon and lots more!



The YouTube section of the website gives an overview of the most famous channels around the world. Also, the site covers the latest entertainment news on fashion and music.



Pop Sugar is one stop for all the latest entertainment news gossip, fitness, fashion, beauty, family, living, culture, and lots more!



On this site, you will get all the latest news of the latest celebrity couples, movies, TV, and other trendy top news stories.

The Pop Sugar is quite witty in its coverage. It pokes fun on famous celebrities in a witty manner which is fun to read!

You can find all the breaking content on Pop Sugar as well as thoughtful features.



The website has millions of followers on its social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

The trendy news on fashion and fitness are worth a read and can’t be missed!



US Weekly covers all the celebrity-related news, gossipnews, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and what not!



The readership is over 50 million worldwide. It covers the celebrity relationship news and all the hot celebrity gossip trending all over the social media.

The website features the latest action from the red carpets, award ceremonies, premieres, events and more!

The website also covers celebrities’ pets and their lifestyle. You can get the latest diet plans followed by your favourite celebs covered by US Weekly.



Get all the celebrity-inspired weight loss plans, beach body tips, and other wellness celebrity articles.



Glamour UK is an immensely popular women’s website which covers all the celebrity news, celebrity gossip, entertainment news gossip, politics, outfit ideas, celebrity inspired makeup tutorials, and much more.



On this website, you can get all the celebrity-inspired skin, hair, makeup routines, latest fashion trends, latest shoe trends and entertainment.



The site also features all the latest Netflix shows which are a must-watch.

The website has millions of readership per month.

Glamour has announced to cease the printed edition and focus more on the digital presence.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comment box below.