Top 15 Blog Websites to Follow Right Now


Best personal and popular blog websites on life, travel blog, mental health, women, and mom  blogs by the famous blogger

Reading popular blog websites are great fun.

But reading CONTROVERSIAL AND TOP PERSONAL blog websites are SUPER FUN!!

The more social media platforms seeping into our lives, the more we see offensive and personal content, indulge ourselves in heated debates and the more we enjoy controversy!

Obviously, they keep you glued. But what’s more interesting is the transparency and the darkness which gets unravelled on the most heated topics worldwide.

Such personal and most popular blog websites do not forget to inspire and motivate you with their bold content to unleash the badass in you!





1. DOOCE.COM started in 2001 by Heather Armstrong is one of the top and most popular blog websites focused on the downfalls of parenthood rather than being it a sweet experience. It is one of the most popular mom blogs. 

DOOCE.COM at a glance
  • Popular blog website started In 2001 by Heather Armstrong, the blogger.
  • Millions Of Readership Across The World
  • Blogs On Downfalls Of Parenthood
  • Uncensored, Bold and Famous
  • Best Mental Health Blog
  • Blog on Life and Relationships
  • Best mom blogs

She is loved for her authenticity by people and inspires those suffering from the mental sink and suicidal thoughts.

  • Journey On Losing Her Job
  • Downfalls of Motherhood
  • Fighting Post Partum Depression
  • Divorce

BEING MESSY IS THE USP OF HER BLOG. It is both the raw and the real.

SHE STARTED HER BLOGGING CAREER AS A MEAGRE HOBBY. Now her blog websites generate trillions of readers per month! And she takes immense pride in it.

She uses her platform to support others’ businesses. On her blog websites promotes and displays only those brands which are in real need.

No doubt her blog websites generates a good amount of customers to these brands!

2. MARKMANSON.NET is a famous blog website about culture, relationships, life choices, and psychology.

The blogger, Mark Manson started his blogging journey in the year 2009. Since then he has gained a massive audience on his website.

This blogger is known widely as a unique brand for his Life Advises and Personal Development.


 Trying to be happy all the time is not his cup of tea!


It is the personal experience for him which matters the most. It is the sole reason which gives meaning to the struggles of life.

MARKMANSON.NET at a glance
  • Started In the Year 2009
  • Posts On Happiness, Relationships, Habits and Self Knowledge
  • Blunt Honesty and Profanity in his blog websites
  • Face Of Self Help Industry
  • He Is Unapologetic.
  • Popular Blog on Life

He uses BLUNT HONESTY to convey his ideas on the meaning of Life, Feelings, Perfectionism and Culture.

The secret behind his huge success is his “potty mouth”.

YES. The blogger is well known for his coarse language and it doesn’t mind him in ANYWAY.

His blog websites has made up to the headlines in the famous platforms like THE NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, BBC News, THE HUFFINGTON POST, and others.

In the self- help industry Mark has been constantly helping people battling with their emotional and relationship problems.

This popular blogger is an author too! His book is the best seller as cited by NY TIMES on the 6th position on the list.

3. SUECOLETTA.COM is an award-winning writing blog websites on crime, murder mysteries and true events of serial killings.

COLETTA HAS A PASSION IN CRIME. Yes! You read that right.

SUECOLETTA.COM at a glance
  • Sue as a criminal blogger has a fascination with the criminal mind which makes her blog websites both frightening and fascinating.
  • The blogger has the CRIME LOVERS’ LOUNGE for her readers. Here the members can participate in free giveaways and contests.
  • Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and collections. This means she is a bestselling author too!
  • Her books are bestsellers across the world!

She is a proud member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers. The blogger loves to share crime tips (Yep! This has made her an award winner of Feedspot’s TOP 50 CRIME BLOGS) and shares the mind of serial killers too.

4. PEREZHILTON.COM is one of the largest celebrity gossip blog websites across the world.

Perez, the blogger, is well known for his posts covering gossip items and all the controversy related to famous celebs.

The blog websites itself has garnered controversy for its attitude.

Hilton’s blogs are said to be often in inflammatory and insensitive style.  That’s why he’s famous blogger among his millions of readers as



The blog websites is a huge success. Obviously, it covers controversial celebs like KARDASHIANS, DONALD TRUMP, and many more!!

The blogger is not shy in speaking out against the discriminatory behaviour of celebrities and public figures in public.

  • The Most Sought After Celeb Gossip blog websites
  • Net Worth Of $30 Million
  • Follow Latest Updates On Fashion, Film, and Music
  • Blogs filled with fun gossips, glimpse into his personal life and more!
  • One of the best blog websites of 2018

Perez is very much open about his sexual orientation. He doesn’t shy away from calling himself homosexual on such a big platform.

You may also visit his official YouTube channel which is filled with fun gossips, glimpse into his personal life and more!

5. SCARYMOMMY.COM started by the mom blogger Jill Smokler is a parental friendly blog. Here you will find day to day random activities in the life of a mother. This is what makes scary mommy as one of the most sought after mom blogs.

The mom blog scary mommy website is FUN. FIERCE AND FAB.

Well … mom blogs might seem boring to you but this scary mommy blog website already has millions of readership per month!.

It is about the struggles and frustrations shared by all the Moms right out there!

The blogger talks about the burnt dinner, constant yelling at the kids and lots more!  She calls it the:


SCARYMOMMY.COM at a glance
  • Started In 2008
  • Popular Parenting Website With Millions Of Followers
  • Posts in scary mommy Are Fierce and Fun
  • Interesting Confessions By Mothers on scary mommy
  • Shop Trending Clothes, Accessories, Gifts and lots more
  • This mom blog gives you the opportunity to submit your own content.
  • Scary mommy features daily advice on Kids, Confessions, Living and Beauty…

You can also buy cool and trending clothing, accessories, gifts and lots more on their blog websites. The merchandise and other products she displays on her mom blog are worth checking out for all the modern Moms out there!


Her books are as fierce as her personality.

  • Infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Postpartum depression

Her mom blog scary mommy has now over 6 million fans and followers across social platforms. 

The only motto she believes is in bringing passion, honesty, and authenticity to whatever work you are doing.

6. DESIGNFORMANKIND.COM is a lifestyle blog websites by Erin Loechner which is filled with beautiful essays on parenting, marriage, travel, work and lots more.

Erin, the blogger, is well known for her brave steps which she took regarding her career. She has been open to the changes in her career and personal life.

She has been badass in her own way throughout her life. And does not shy away from documenting them in her blog websites.

  • Millions Of Fans All Over The World
  • A Public Speaker. A Life Enthusiast. Famous blogger.
  • Blogs Showcased In Parenting, Huffington Post, Elle Décor and many more
  • If you are in search of some dose of real-life inspiration then this blog is for you!

Her blog websites have been showcased on the world’s leading platforms like THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE HUFFINGTON POST.

This has garnered her more than a million fans and followers on her blog websites!

7. ACALLTOACTION.COM by Trevor Wilson is a successfully growing blog website.

The blogger describes his blog in his own words as:



The blogger isn’t afraid to go against the grain. He tells you exactly what he feels. This blog websites will help you to live and lead life confidently. In a badass manner!

He is a fitness freak. But he doesn’t follow perfect timely routines to achieve his goals.

  • Started By Trevor Wilson In 2012
  • Ultimate Guide To Fitness
  • Blogs On Leading Life Confidently
  • Raw and Uncensored
  • Honest life advice

His blog website is his means to “own my life”. He believes in giving honest life advice and refrains from sugar-coated ones.

The blog inspires you to follow the real path of success.

8. TINYBUDDHA.COM  is a blog website about personal growth and achievement.

TINYBUDDHA.COM at a glance
  • Millions of Fans Across All Social Platforms
  • Blogs Related To Personal Growth and Achievement
  • Beautiful Inspirational Pieces
  • Wonderful Quotes To Succeed In Life
  • It is about yoga and spirituality.
  • You will find beautiful quotes and wonderful wisdom to succeed in life!

We love this blog website for about mind fullness and self-growth. It is one of the best inspirational internet spaces where you can wander and look for inspirational pieces.

Here you will find blogs related to Happiness, Fun, Love, Relationships, Wisdom, Changes, and Challenges.

It will teach you to lead a life, not in a closet but out there! In the wild!

9. EVERYWHEREIST.COM is a blog by the famous blogger Geraldine DeRuiter.

The blogger is an acclaimed author and a world-renowned public speaker. She is my favourite too!

She has been listed among the topmost female badass bloggers around the world.

  • The blog has Received Accolades from Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post and The Independent.
  • Blogs On Travel
  • The Time Magazine has described Geraldine’s Posts as “Constantly Clever”.
  • It is a travel blog. But what’s interesting is that this blog is more than a travel blog.
  • She writes about desserts. She writes about feminism.
  • Geraldine never hesitates writing about controversial and sensitive issues.

Every article she writes makes you laugh so hard until it hurts.

She has written about Writer’s Block, On Travelling Alone and many other topics.

THE NEW YORK TIMES has appreciated her writing style as “dark and hilarious”.

She has openly talked about online abusers and even slammed them harshly.

10. ALEXINWONDERLAND.COM is a blog website owned by Alex, who is a New York native.

This blog has a loyal readership of passionate travellers who love the culture, adventure and diving!

She has been blogging since 2009.

Alex has a main focus on scuba diving. Her blogs are a lot more about travel. The blogger writes about different destinations which she visits.

  • Started In 2009
  • Blogs On Solo Traveler Experiences
  • Explore The World Through Her Eyes.
  • Read More On Scuba Diving and Other Water Sports.
  • Her obsession with photography and scuba diving is very much evident in her blogs.
  • Her blog inspires her readers to follow their travel goals and dreams.

Her style itself tells about her great sense of humour.


She is fun to read.

Alex has also teamed up with a jewellery company to create her own line of jewellery. She has named it – Wanderland Waves.

11. MATERMEA.COM is worth scoping out among other several mom blogs dedicated to motherhood.

This mom blog tells about the stories of BLACK WOMEN at the intersection of motherhood and career. It will tell you the hardships faced by a black woman in particular.

 This blog features endless inspiration!

Anthonia Akitunde is the proud owner of this mom blog.

MATERMEA.COM at a glance
  • Started By Anthonia Akitunde
  • Posts on Struggles of Motherhood.
  • Features Fabulous Interviews On Black Women and The Challenges Faced.
  • Blogs on Beauty, Wellness, Styling, Culture, and Living.
  • The blog features fabulous interviews and confessions on working mothers who are writers, bloggers, scholars ranging across different fields.

The stories are about the FEARS OF MOTHERHOOD.

In one of her articles, the blogger has openly discussed the fears of C-Section delivery and how to combat it.

These interviews tell about the challenges they face in their daily lives in the rearing of children.

She talks about financial planning for working mothers. Her blog is full of interesting discussions on Wellness, Career, Parenting and self-love and lots more!

12. HANNAHGALE.CO.UK owned by Hannah F. Gale is all about fashion.

Hannah writes fashion advises not to make you look thin but to transform you into a more beautiful and confident person.

Her fashion blogs will teach you to accept your own skin confidently and love yourselves.

The blogger shares in-depth posts about blogging. The way she has discussed personal issues are in a friendly manner.

HANNAHGALE.COM at a glance
  • Writes On Fashion and Gives Useful Fashion Advice
  • Blogs On Controversial Issues
  • Defies Social Norms
  • Discussed Personal Issues In a Friendly Manner
  • She Does Not Shy Away From Writing Controversial Issues.
  • Posts Defy Social Norms.

Hannah’s writing style is refreshing and engaging.

Her fashion blogs are so funny and honest that it will keep you coming back to her site again and again.

13. THEMINIMALISTS.COM is owned by two cool bloggers Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.

Their blog is an inspiration in today times.

It teaches you to lead and live a great life without any fluff.

Minimalists don’t focus on having less instead focus on making room for more PASSION and more FREEDOM.

They teach you to make room for life’s important things.

  • Over 20 Million Followers Around The World
  • Changing Lives Through Blogs, Books, Podcasts and Documentaries
  • Online Workshops On Speaking, Mentoring, Writing Class and much more
  • Featured In Wall Street Journal, BBC, The New York Times and Forbes
  • They help people live meaningful lives through their blogs, books, podcast, and documentaries.

The bloggers left the corporate world full of stress, doubt, anxiety, and worries to contribute to several worthy causes.

The blog has a readership of over 20 million!

You can join their online writing classes, private mentoring sessions and submit your own content.

These guys have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, BBC and many more.

14. INOVERYOURHEAD.NET by Julien Smith is also The New York Times bestselling author of three books.

Julian writes about how to stand out, changing ourselves and doing what is necessary. His deep study focuses on the human body’s adaptive ability, as well as evolution, and an observation of nature.

Julian is uncensored for the most part in his blogs. He is open to all the situations in life.

  • Blogs On How To Stand Out and Changing Ourselves
  • Bold and Uncensored
  • Praised By Personalities Like Tony Robbins, Daniel Pink, and others

When looking for some motivation, I personally head towards his blog as they are fun to read.

His blog is visited by half a million unique visitors and has gained praise of famous personalities like Tony Robbins, Daniel Pink, and others.

15. SETHS.BLOG is owned by popular blogger Seth Godin who has published more than 18 bestselling books.

He has also done 5 Ted Talks

Godin has experience in almost every sector of life. He posts every day so it’s a must-read every day! His ideas are always thought-provoking.

SETHS.BLOG at a glance
  • Listed In 25 Best Blogs By TIME Magazine
  • Godin Is a Bestseller Author, An Entrepreneur and An Agent Of Change
  • His Posts Appear every day, so It’s a Must-Read every day!
  • Conducts Online Seminars, Workshops, and Courses
  • Over 60,000 People Apply To His Workshops Worldwide
  • Godin has given remarkable life advice on difficult decisions in life.

Seth has spent most of his life as a professional writer and all of his books are worth a read. He takes up marketing seminars, workshops and online courses on marketing which is enrolled by more than 60000 people.

Do you know of some more personal controversial blog websites that speak loud, bold and in a badass manner? And dare to change your lives forever?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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