Heaven for Coffee Lovers: The Best Cappuccino in the World

World's best cappuccino coffee drinks| Best espresso for the coffee lovers made with the best roast coffee bean| Best cafe latte in the world
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World’s best cappuccino coffee drinks| Best espresso for the coffee lovers made with the best roast coffee bean| Best cafe latte in the world

The intense aroma of roast coffee beans and the bold flavours make the best coffee. It makes every cup of a coffee or a cappuccino more enjoyable.

Coffee or a strong cappuccino coffee is the most beloved beverages in the world. There is something about the coffee or a cup of cappuccino that makes it somehow mystical, even magical! You are suddenly taken back to the times when coffee was just invented. The process of grinding fresh coffee beans and brewing a pot somehow makes us all nostalgic.

Thanks to the coffee inventors! We can taste so many types of coffee or rather the best coffee and cappuccino coffee in the world. There are multiple varieties of coffee available- iced cappuccino, cappuccino coffee, mocha latte, starbucks cappuccino, mocha, expresso, espresso, frappuccino and lots more.

So, are you a hardcore coffee fanatic? A true coffee lover or an espresso lover?

Here we will explore some of the best coffee and cappuccino cafes in the world for you to enjoy this heavenly beverage.

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1. Kaffeine- London

Kaffeine is one of the popular pilgrimages for coffee lovers. It was first opened in 2009 and since then it has become a popular spot for the lunch scenes while sipping some of their best espresso. The cappuccino and coffee served at Kaffeine will take you a flight out of this world!



The café has a Synesso Cyncra espresso machine which pumps out espresso drinks and flat whites. The perfectly crafted latte art requires at least 3 years of training. Their Latte art course is run especially for this purpose. Such perfection!!


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You can try a shot of espresso, cappuccino and different kinds of bread, pastries and baked treats.


2. Cafe Tortoni- Buenos Aires

This Argentina cafe is the oldest since the late 1800s. The old school feel is attached to this coffee shop whenever you visit. The line outside this buenos aires cafe is enough to guess its popularity. During the peak hours, the café gets overrun by tourists.


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At this coffee shop, you can stop for their delicious churro con chocolate, coffee, and pastries.  Almost everything on their menu is yummy but their cappuccino is sooo good!


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The most traditional orders at the Café Tortini would be a black coffee or a coffee with milk with 3 croissants on the side. Their iced cappuccino is also worth a try!


3. Café Craft- Paris

 Café Craft is a part coffee shop and a part co-working space in Paris. This place serves the best coffee, decent tea and baked goods. If you are a coffee lover or a tea lover then you will “find your happiness” here in this coffee shop.


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This modern café is brilliantly lit and creative. Though the coffee shop is also a working place, you will find it a lovely spot for a quick coffee and a slice of cake.


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This coffee shop serves the best coffee drinks in the Australian style. The taste at the coffee shop of the espresso is bold and the milk is sweet and frothy. Café Lomi, the Parisian coffee roast company sources its coffee to the Café Craft with Marzocco coffee machine.


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Their flat white is reputed to be excellent. There are plenty of choices for ice- blended coffee and soft drinks.


4. Dreamy Camera Café- South Korea

Want to spend some “me time” away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Then it’s time to embark on a trip to a picturesque coffee shop in Seoul.


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Dreamy Camera is a 2 storey coffee shop within close proximity to nature. Here while sipping on a cup of heavenly coffee or a cappuccino, you can capture some of the best picture-perfect moments!


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The architecture looks like a Rolleiflex lens camera. This café attracts a lot of shutterbugs and Instagram lovers.

The home-made drinks are delicious. Some of the items at this coffee shop are- espresso, Americano, cappuccino, cafe latte, café mocha, caramel macchiato, choco toast, churros and lots more. The menu is pretty affordable and extremely scrumptious!


5. Kronotrop- Instanbul

 Kronotrop is one of the first coffee bar and roastery in all of Turkey. The Kronotrop coffee store offers blended or single espresso and a variety of milk drinks. They have Marzocco’s espresso machine for a delicious coffee or cappuccino shots.



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If you have run out of the coffee beans at your home then at the Kronotrop’s, you can buy the beautifully labelled packs of coffee beans.


6. Starbucks- Bebek, Turkey


The list of best coffee shops in the world is indeed incomplete without Starbucks. The Starbucks menu is the most sought after in the world by the coffee lovers.


Starbucks at the Bebek is known worldwide as the “best starbucks views in the world”. This coffee shop or an outlet is located on the waterfront. It’s none the less than a rooftop bar! You can enjoy the best sea view while enjoying your favourite starbucks drinks.


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You can order hot or iced coffee drinks, frappuccino, white chocolate mocha, latte, and much more. The starbucks holiday drinks are worth a try!

Which is your favourite coffee drink? Do write it down in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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