Most Popular Cats of Instagram

Most Popular Cats of Instagram| Cat Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Follow The Most Popular Cats Of Instagram

The number of popular cats of Instagram is growing. They are already breaking records in terms of their followers.

Who doesn’t like celebrity status?

With all the horrific news headlines on your social media feed, why not follow and browse the many beautiful, playful and funny adorable cats of instagram for an instant mood lifter and to feel the good in the world!

These cat instagram pages owned by savvy cat owners have millions of followers worldwide.

Have a look and follow some of the most popular and top instagram cat account.

1.Suki Cat (@sukiicat)

A 3- year- old Bengal cat, Suki hails from Albert, Canada, who hikes on an adventure with her cat mom Martina.



Her photo albums with serene pictures will give you some serious travel goals.


With 1.8 million Instagram followers, you can’t seem to get enough wild adventures. This high-energy pet not only hikes on the mountains but also loves to play with water.


2.Nala Cat (@nala_cat) 


Nala Cat has record-breaking Instagram followers over 4 million. Nala Cat owns a premium cat food brand and also hold Guinness World Record. The story of Nala Cat begins when adopted from a shelter.



The owner decided to build an Instagram page wholly dedicated to the cat’s daily activities and heartwarming cute kitty photographs.


Source- Amazon


Nala’s Instagram feed is sure to brighten your day as she poses beautifully in adorable costumes or her peeks out of the boxes.


 3.Lil BUB (@iamlilbub)


Lil Bub is a big name on Instagram with 2.5 million followers on Instagram. She is adorable with her short and cute stature. Her YouTube channel is also a hit with over 3,00,000 subscribers. She also owns a range of branded merchandise.



Lil Bub and her owner enjoy a quite celebrity status. Her own documentary has won the Tribeca Online Festival Best Feature Film. With her immense popularity and achievements, Lil Bub and her owner help other animals. They created a national fund for special needs pets and raised a good amount for animals in need.


4.Venus the Two Face Cat (@venustwofacecat)


“0% photoshopped, 100% born this way” this is the tagline of her social media accounts. Venus is a well-established internet cat celebrity. She has been described by vets as a chimaera- an individual derived from two or more zygotes.


Due to her mystifying two-faced features, she stands amongst the greatest and most famous cats. Not only her looks, but the owner also says that she is a sweety and doesn’t scratch the furniture.


Anyone who doubts the veracity of the photographs is invited to view the videos on Venus’ Facebook page as well!


5. Coby The Cat (@cobythecat)


We are sure you can’t get enough of Coby. The stunning blue eyes and snow-white fur makes him so mellow. The most beautiful feline, Coby has over a million followers. This British shorthair cat is also well known for its calm temperament and good nature.



The photographs on Coby’s account show him dressed up for various events and holidays. He strikes pose gracefully and never fails to show off his peepers.



The immense followers on the cats account shows how much the internet seems to love the cats.

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