6 Most Astonishing Train Journeys in the World

World's Greatest Train Journeys- Most Astonishing Train Rides in the World- Most Popular Train Rides- Most Luxurious Train Rides

World’s Greatest Train Journeys- Most Astonishing Train Rides in the World- Most Popular Train Rides- Most Luxurious Train Rides

Train journeys are full of nostalgia. It reminds us of the journeys we took to see our loved ones from distant lands.

The gush of memories is relatable to the rail journeys.

Steep mountains, verdant woodlands, grassy steppe and many such beautiful scenic views is what we expect while on a train journey. You expect to feel the rush of wind through your hair while passing through the grassy meadows. You feel the grandeur when on a trail through the historic cities.

Some of the iconic train journeys in the world cover the longest distance with breathtakingly scenic views.

On these trails, you will find the best of snow-capped mountains, rest and peaceful views while crossing majestic terrains across multiple time zones.

In this post, we are covering some of the best train journeys in the world which you can’t afford to miss.


Let’s all aboard! As we track down some of the greatest train journeys in the world!


The train journey across Canada should be on your bucket list. The trip from Toronto to Vancouver is a long but totally unforgettable experience!

The journey of 83 hours will cover all the scenic beauty, cities, and people through huge glass windows. The train winds its way across 4,466km of Canada’s diverse landscape where you sleep in one province and find yourself waking up in the other part of Canada.



You will be winding through the Canadian Shield forests and steep snow-capped Rocky Mountains.

The train has a constant supply of tea, coffee and snacks which you can enjoy while watching the world go by.



Truly an enjoyable and relaxing experience!



This is the most iconic and longest passenger train route in the world spanning 9,288 Km of the track.

The train covers almost every part of Russia and is the backbone of the country. It is important from the viewpoint of economy and safety of the country.



The longest passenger train route with the speed of just 77kmph is not for the people on tight schedule. For 6 days of journey, you will need to decide the stopovers and schedule accordingly.

The train covers Russia’s majestic terrain covering all the woodland and green steppes. You will witness different time zones while covering different provinces.


Source- 56thparallel


The long journey usually breaks at one of the largest cities in Siberia, Irkutsk. The city has 19th-century buildings and you can also take a journey to the world heritage Lake Baikal, just 70Kms away from Irkutsk.



The Blue Train is a 31 Hour long journey spanning 1600Km of track covering South Africa.

The journal crosses through some of the most diverse and picturesque scenery on the African continent.


Source- luxurytrainclub


This iconic train journey has been delighting passengers for more than seven decades. It is more of a leisurely pace, like a hotel on rails. The lounge carriages have all the comfort with luxury suites where passengers can mingle in solace.


Source- luxurytrainclub.co


In the afternoon, high tea is served in the main lounge. Some luxurious suites have a classic décor with full sized baths and a butler service. Indeed, the train is a definition of opulence.

The journey covers South Africa’s rolling vineyards, mountainous terrains, lush valleys, national parks and the cities and towns of Africa.

You can also cover iconic sights like Victoria Falls and the bright and bold colours of the jacaranda tree at Pretoria which is famous for its purple blooms.



The iconic Palace on Wheels is one of the indelible ways to explore India’s stately splendour.



This luxurious train journey in India covers a distance of about 2411Km meandering through the historic cities of Rajasthan and goes along the wild terrain of Ranthambore. It culminates in the land of the world heritage, Taj Mahal.

The train has 13 deluxe carriages with exquisite silk and velvet furnishings. The names of both Deluxe and super Deluxe cabins are upon the famous palaces in Rajasthan. The guests can enjoy and relax at the Ayurvedic spa while passing the historic cities.


Source- AjitBhawan


The cabins are decorated in rich traditional style with handcrafted lights, Rajasthani Art, and draped curtains. It also has a facility of two restaurants and a well-stocked bar.
The train has a cosmopolitan feel as so many tourists come from different parts of the world.

You will feel the regal indeed while you travel in style in this luxurious train.

The first version of the Palace on Wheels consisted of coaches that were built by British viceroys and India’s royals.



The Indian Pacific train traverses the Australian continent at an average speed of 85kmph. The track spans for about 4352Km traversing across the unforgettable scenic beauty of Australia in 70 hours.


Source- landlopers


The Indian Pacific has the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world.

The train departs from Sydney stopping at the mining town of Broken Hill, Adelaide and Kalgoorlie. You will witness the adventure unfolding with the textures, the light, and the unimaginable hues of magnificent Australia.



On the journey, you will catch the full glory of the sun setting across the horizon on the longest stretch of straight railway track.

Witness the best of Western Australia’s wildflowers in the season of spring.



Also known as Beijing- Shanghai High-Speed line, spanning 1318Km of distance is a high-speed railway.

It is currently the fastest long-distance passenger train in the world, reaching speeds of 300kmph.


Source- Japantravelmate


China is calling for the people who like their train travel to evoke the future rather than the past. It delivers its passengers to their destination in five super-fast hours.

These were some of the most iconic train journeys in the world. Which one amazed you the most?

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