Make the Most of Your Gym Workout With These 12 Secrets

Make the Most of Your Gym Workout With These 12 Secrets

With the beginning of the new year comes the resolution of joining the gym, eating right, and losing weight. Isn’t it?

You suddenly fall in love with the gym equipment and decide to sweat hard.

Staying fit and hitting for the gym is pretty difficult. It can be a little challenging!


Experts and trainers reveal certain gym secrets which you might not be knowing. It will leave you amazed for sure!

1. We are lazy when it comes to hitting the gym right in the morning. Many of the people quit the exercise program within six months. Hence your gym membership goes to waste.

If people continue to sweat it out regularly, then there would be chaos in here!

It’s better to start slow.

People who push themselves too hard, in the beginning, tend to lose interest quickly. In result they get discouraged.


2. Today everybody wants to stay fit and look awesome with those heavy biceps and triceps. Hike in gym membership fee is not surprising.

Here’s a smart gym tip that you can choose to follow and save yourself from paying a hefty membership fee.

If you are not a regular gym person, then you can opt for the day-by-day payment option.

It can be economical in the long run and you will definitely end up saving more!


3. Do you make use of treadmill in the right manner?

Many of us use the treadmill totally wrong! When you hold on the treadmill for balance, that’s okay. But when you put entire body weight on your arms that’s where you create a mistake.

Moreover, this is unsafe. It prevents you from burning the right amount of calories as you want.

In case you are not able to loosen the grip, the best way is to slow down.


4. Buying training sessions really worth it?

When you join the gym, make sure you enjoy free training sessions by gym trainers. They will show you complicated exercises which you will find difficult. At the same time, he or she will not write anything down.

If such things happen to you as well then, it might be the management’s orders. Their goal is your enrolment.

They will make exercise seem complicated, so you go through with buying training sessions.


5. Those enticing TV ads and posters where gym trainers promise you an ideal physique in just a few weeks is a myth.

They may give you the idea that you can lose 15 Kgs and transform your body.

Remember, unless you are spending eight hours a day in a gym, you cannot achieve your ideal body type.


6. Smoothies are healthy. But you can make them in your own kitchen.

When you buy these health drinks, always remember that they may negate the workout you just did! Because some smoothies pack as many as 500 calories. Adding on, these are sold for much higher prices.

You can save money as well as calories by making them with fresh ingredients at home.


7. Do you see those towels on weight benches? They are not for enhancing the look of the gym.

If you sweat excessively, don’t forget to use the towels. Wipe yourself properly to maintain the hygiene. Avoid touching your face immediately after the workout.

Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after using the gym equipment.


8. Some trainers really like it when trainees bring them some gifts or give them extra pay. They tend to only pay attention to such kind of trainees.

Don’t fall into that trap.


9. Always ask for details regarding the qualifications of the gym trainers. Gyms don’t reveal the accomplishments of the trainers upfront.


10. Big gym boxes hide difficult exercise machines like weight benches, climbing machines, and other challenging equipment. They will put more of cardio workout machines out in the open much more easy to access.

All these are done to encourage easy exercises and distract people from serious fitness goals.


11. Bring your own water bottle. The fountains at the gym are covered in germs and all sorts of bacteria.

Staying hydrated is the need of body during and after the workout. So keep your personal water bottle when in need.


12. There is no point in putting too much stress to get in the good shape. Continuous work out for long hours can make you prone to illness.

You will end up doing more harm than doing good to yourself.

Believe it or not, you can get a healthy body and lifestyle even if you don’t work out every day. Daily rigorous excises are not needed.

Got enough reasons to not join the gym? Well, you should!
Tell us some of the more gym secrets that you had like to share with us in the comment box.