List of 9 Most Easy Fun Indoor Games for Kids of All Ages

List of Fun Indoor Games for Kids of All Ages

Wondering what to do when kids get restless on these vacations? Are you out of the fun ideas to do with your kids?

No worries! You have come to the right place!

We understand how important is for the moms to invest the energy of the kids. But in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter where you are located or how is the weather outside. Indoor games are always fun when played together with family members. Sometimes the kids create total disaster and chaos inside the house.

Not to worry! We have created an epic list of indoor games for kids and activities that are entertaining. These will not only help them fight boredom but also help them create a close-knit family! Moreover, it will be a worthy outcome indeed.



Help focus your child on the sense of touch and the sense of sight with Touch and Feel game.

The point is that you can prepare the box and put fun interesting things inside which kids have to guess without looking inside the box.


Source- themagnoliabarn


Ask kids to prepare the boxes themselves by cutting out cardboard or simply use the shoe box. Make sure that the box is cut according to the shape of the kids’ hands. You can have kids paint, colour, or draw on the box. This can be a fun activity for all the family members.

Put items inside the box and kids can guess them turn wise. Offer interesting clues and encourage questions as needed.



This game is really fun for the kids in groups! A team of two or more can play this while using a timer.



Simply put a balloon between the knees of the child and ask them to waddle across the room like a penguin. Make sure kids do not drop the balloon in between the activity.

This game can also be enjoyed in a group where teams can be decided and kids play according to the timer, whosoever completes the task first will win the game.



All you need is a masking tape for the preparation of this game. Kids will enjoy this game with their playmates inside the house.

Just tape down the line of any length across the room and ask the kids to walk by balancing on the straight line. Make sure they don’t fall off while walking on the tape. If not able to balance, then the kid can be disqualified or give another chance after others.


Source- handsonaswegrow


You can add variations in this game by taping the zig-zag lines across the room. Ask kids to walk fast heel by heel and create balance. Whosoever completes the first can be rewarded.



Challenge the kids to find the way out of an intricate maze. The game is really fun!

You can use either a flag tape or crepe paper to create an obstacle Maze from where the kids have to navigate their bodies to find the way out!


Source- whatmomslove


Create a zig-zag way using the tapes. You can put the tape high or really low so that kids are able to crawl under and jump up to find the way out. This game will keep the kids active, help them learn spatial awareness and sharpen the problem-solving skills.



Scavenger Hunt is one of the best game your kids will fall in love with!

If you as a parent never played the treasure hunt, then you aren’t living actually.


Source- sunnydayfamily


In this game, the kids have to find the items mentioned in the list using the clever clues. The clues must lead them from one place to another till the hidden item is not found. The list of items depends upon the number of kids playing the game.

You can either give them handwritten notes or the computer types lists can be handy in case of a large number of participants. You can hide the items where it’s difficult to find.

Now go hide the items! The kids will surely love the adventure and challenge involved in the game.



Musical chairs are everybody’s favourite!

When played with all the family members of the house then it becomes an absolute joy. So get your dancing shoes on!


Source- Highlights


Just put some chairs according to the participants and play the music! Whenever the music stops, each kid or the family member has to grab a chair. Make sure you remove one chair after one round so that the participant who isn’t able to grab a place will be out of the game!

The one who remains at the end will be declared the winner of the musical chair game.



Get into your dancing shoes and enjoy the game! Freeze Dance is for all age groups. Even family members can enjoy it.

Just play the music and hold a position when the music stops. The kids have to freeze themselves in one position. The one who holds it for a longer time will be the winner of the game.


Source- BigFday


The DJ can also ask out for certain positions and kids have to follow. The kid who doesn’t hold the position will be out of the game.

As a parent, you can make it more interesting by asking kids to hold the position in different types like- animals, letters, shapes or even yoga postures.



Puzzles can be good for exercising those cognitive, creative, and problem-solving muscles. This will keep your kids really busy for long hours.

Either you can bring the puzzles from a toy store or make them on your own!


Source- nitrosgaming


Take the help of your kid and draw some cool pictures on cardboard. Outline it with a pencil and cut them into pieces. Mix them up and they are ready to solve!



This game is everybody’s favourite! It can be played easily among the family members and friends.

Ask the kids to sit in a circle on the floor. Play some jazzy tunes and ask them to pass on a potato (a softball) around the circle fast. When the music stops, the kid who is holding the ball will be out of the game.


Source- playworks


Keep going until one participant is left and wins the game.

Tell us your favourite indoor games which you enjoy with your kid in the comments section.