Let’s Talk Immunity| Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Food for strong immune system| Natural healthy ways to boost immunity| Fight against the COVID-19
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Food for strong immune system| Natural healthy ways to boost immunity| Fight against the COVID-19

To talk about your immune system is a top priority at this time of the year. The world is in the grasp of the bug that’s “going around” resulting in the mass evacuation of the population on the earth.

Corona Virus or COVID-19 has not only made our holiday travel plans come to a halt but also expose our body to lots of germs.

Now, many of us understand the looming reality of avoiding social contact, self-quarantining, and stringent hygiene practices. Therefore, a strong immune system is the last thing you had to want when facing this global pandemic.

Let’s learn more about traditional rituals along with probiotics and ginger shots for better immunity.



  • Nourishment from inside is really important. You can prepare a hearty bowl of oats which will help you feel extra prepared for the day. It is definitely a blood sugar balancing and nutrient-dense breakfast. It will also help regulate things like mood, energy and focus.



  • We have all been hearing for now that almonds are good for health. This plant-based protein is go-to snack for practically every nutritionist. Indeed, nuts are rich sources of protein but almonds lead the pack any day! They promote heart health and stabilize blood sugar levels.


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  • Sesame seeds are one beneficial food you are probably overlooking. These little seeds are full of nutritional benefits and help make immunity stronger. You see them as a finishing touch on your burger buns, sushi rolls, and breadsticks. But they actually have incredible health benefits.


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With its anti-inflammatory properties, sesame seeds are good for the heart. While preparing a meal you can reach for a bottle of sesame seed oil to pop up the different flavour.


  • Flaxseeds have multiple benefits for the immune system.


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The iron in these seeds helps your body fight infection by ensuring your immune system gets oxygen. They help reduce fatigue level and tiredness in which our bod can easily contract a virus or infection. It is definitely great food to introduce in your meal to help improve immunity.



Sufficient amount of sleep to eating a balanced diet, are some of the ways which will help defense your body.

Here we have listed some simple ways which can be really helpful to your immune system if followed.

1. Chuck the stress!

We understand those breakouts before big events which can have a major effect on the body. The stress hormone Cortisol affects our gut and respiratory tract disturbing its proper functioning.

So, to keep your stress in check, meditate, practice yoga or breathe deep in your daily routine.

2. Limit your sip!

Its time you moderate your alcohol intake. The social media is bustling with news of how alcohol is effective in coronavirus.

It’s important to understand that alcohol can temper with the immune system. However, moderate consumption can be helpful to the overall health.



Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system. Avoid having an all-nighter and have a sufficient good sleep for 7-8 hours. While in isolation, with minimum work level, you can relax.


4.A check on vitamins 

Your A-B-C-D-Es can help increase the health of your immune system. The phrase-“an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is actually true as essential vitamins can boost your immunity.

To strengthen your immune system, you can take diet rich in vitamins and also prefer multivitamin supplements from your doctor. However, we recommend natural intake through food is the best way.


With the tweaks and little efforts in your daily routine, you can ensure a healthy immune system.

During these times, when the world is suffering the most of COVID-19, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and surroundings healthy.

A daily check on your diet and home activities are not only going to keep you safe from catching a virus but also help you survive the deadly virus if in contact.