How is Ayurvedic Massage different from a regular massage?

How is Ayurvedic Massage different from a regular massage

How is Ayurvedic Massage different from a regular massage?

Body massage today is a popular feature of many tourist destinations across the globe. But as a form of therapy, it dates back thousands of years—the earliest evidence found in the Indian Veda of Rigveda. As a part of Upveda, Ayurveda has mentioned the Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic Therapies in its texts.

The ancient use of Ayurvedic Massage therapies was by the monks who were on a spiritual journey. Ayurvedic Massage brings balance in the three Doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Hence it is very different from regular massage. Before you book a massage session, you should know the benefits of it on your body.

What is Ayurvedic Massage?

 Ayurveda focuses on a lifestyle that is in symbiosis with nature. 107 marmas in the body are vital energy points that spread across the body. The ayurvedic massage focuses on the circular movements, and the time each part of the body is massaged. Daily our body produces various healthy cells and also wastage that is toxic if retained in the body. A sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle, along with bad eating habits, accumulate these toxins and are the root cause of the spread of toxins in the body.

In Ayurvedic Massage, there is an emphasis given to the strokes used to massage the head. Special drip oils used, relax the nerves. Head is known as the Brahma Randhra passage through which life enters and exits the body. All the massage strokes of an Ayurvedic Massage stimulate the lymphatic & abdominal part of the body.

The oils used in this massage are useful for enhancing the appearance of the skin, giving it a supple and soft glow. Dermatitis and dry skin diseases get healed with regular ayurvedic massages. For specific ayurvedic massage treatments, a person has to follow a strict diet and lifestyle regime for the entire ayurvedic massage to take effect on the body.

Types of Ayurvedic Massage

 There is a broad classification of Ayurvedic massage, which are as below:

Types of Ayurvedic Massage

  • Abhyanga

    Ayurvedic massage uses oils that are suitable for the body as per its doshas. Sesame or coconut oil is the most commonly used oil in Abhyanga Massage. This traditional massage uses warm oil all over the body so that it penetrates the skin. When the oil reaches the tissue level, the circular strokes and the oil combine to loosen the toxins present on a cellular level, this refers to deep cleansing of the body. Abhyanga also improves blood circulation through the body, parallelly relaxing the tired and stressed nerves.

  • Gandharva

    Ayurvedic therapy, as mentioned earlier, focuses on the nervous system and heals the body on a cellular level. In Gandharva Massage, warm oil enhanced with various herbs is used to massage the body. Then the crystal singing bowls or metal bowls are used to create a sound that vibrates the body on the cellular level. The resonance of sound increases the natural vibration of the body, reharmonizing them with the natural frequency of the body. It is a beautiful experience. Hence every person after the Gandharva Massage therapy feels very much relaxed and develops a new conscience.

  • Piziichilli

    Also otherwise known as a royal massage, Piziichilli, must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. This ayurvedic massage has multiple oils streaming on the body while two therapists massage the body. This massage eliminates mercury from the body. Mercury is otherwise known as a heavy metal that cannot be easily removed from the body once it settles causing major diseases and prolonged sickness

  • Shirodhara

    The ‘Ajna’ is one of the chakras located in the human body on the head. The treatment involves warm oil gently flowing on the forehead towards the back of the head. The third eye chakra stimulates and provides the body with a calm feeling right up to the end of the nervous system.

  • Vishesh

    Sitting for a more extended time with no movement or on the contrary, even having excess physical activity causes strain to the muscles in the body. Over a while, the muscles become stiff, and movement of the body is rather painful. Vishesh massage therapy loosens up the muscles and eliminates any stiff muscle in the body. The entire body gets massaged with warm herbal oils. The friction of the hands, along with the right pressure and direction of strokes relieves you from any muscle ache.

  • Marma

    Marma Massage combines oils specific for a body type. It is helping the body to recover from any dosha ailments. It is a light massage that relaxes the body and enhances the prana of the body. It leaves a person feeling refreshed and light as it aids in loosening up the stiff muscles in the body.

What to wear during an ayurvedic massage?

The Ayurvedic massage uses oils that have medicinal properties. It’s advisable to let the body soak the oil for as long as possible after the massage is over. The more the oil gets absorbed in the skin, the better results it will yield.

Here are six tips for you to prep yourself before an Ayurvedic Massage

  1. Wear loose and preferably cotton clothing
    If you are hoping for a massage directly from a gym or office, you should carry loose clothing along with you. Synthetic, nylon will only make you feel even more uncomfortable as there will be oil on your body post your massage session.
  2. Carry a headcover
    Almost all of the Ayurvedic Massages have oil poured on the head. Even though relaxing, it’s advisable to keep the oil applied for a few hours before taking a warm bath. Whilst you make your way back home from a massage, you can cover your head with a head towel or a shower cap.
  3. Comfortable slippers
    There is always a provision for a  pair of slippers at an Ayurvedic Massage Center. But if you are not comfortable, you can always carry your slippers along with you. Avoid wearing regular shoes as the feet may have some residue of the oil that might taint or leave stains on your shoes.
  4. Avoid wearing heavy
    All body massages require the neckline, ears, hands, and feet unoccupied by any jewelry. Hence it is best to avoid wearing any jewelry as you will need to take them off and keep it in a safe before you head for the massage.
  5. Wearing the massage dressing
    You will be provided with some light clothing to wear during the massage. Women and men prefer the same gender massage therapist, respectively, as they are comfortable with massage clothing. Since the oil application on the entire body, a short pant is or body covering towel usually provided at the massage center.
  6. Eat a snack
    As much as the process of an ayurvedic massage is relaxing and rejuvenating, it does work on the entire body. Hence it is advised to not have a heavy meal before and after the massage but instead, have a simple small snack to keep up the energy.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage if done regularly has long-lasting effects on the body. Better blood circulation, balancing of the doshas, and even having youthful skin are a few of its benefits. Ayurveda known as the alternative medicine upholds ayurvedic massage as an essential part of various treatment therapies. Weight Loss, tightening of cellulite, and even maternity care are some of the most sought after ayurvedic treatments in recent times.

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What is Regular Massage?

There are other kinds of regular massage that are different from Ayurvedic Massage. Swedish Massage or a Thai Massage are two such examples. The traditional massages mostly focus on the relaxation of the body. There is a prominent use of aromatic essential oils: acupuncture, suction cups, various salts applied in regular massage therapy.

Types of Regular Massage

There are several types of massages, and new ones are added regularly to the list with different elements added to it. But few of the famous massages are

  • Swedish massage
    Has kneading movement with full-body strokes for relaxation
  • Aromatherapy Massage
    Massage using essential oils with light fragrances
  • Reflexology
    Focusing on pressure points of the body, mostly feet, ears, and hands.
  • Shiatsu Massage
    A 60-90 minutes massage for body muscle relaxation using rhythmic pressure
  • Thai Massage
    Involves stretching and loosening of body muscles

There are various other massages that one can experience like cup therapy, acupuncture, and even fish therapy massage.

What to wear during Regular Massage?

Similar to ayurvedic massage, you need to wear light clothing while you head for a regular massage. Essential oils quickly absorb in the skin, and hence you won’t find your body as oily as after an ayurvedic treatment.

Benefits of Regular Massage?

If you ever get an opportunity to experience a massage that is not Ayurvedic, you can still gain ample benefits from it.

  • The use of rhythmic strokes help in better blood circulation
  • Essential oils help to lighten the otherwise stressed mind and give a very relaxed feeling
  • It helps is loosening stiff muscles and soothes back and headaches
  • You have less sagging skin as a regular massage helps in keeping the skin firm and gathers less cellulite
  • Couples massage help as rejuvenation therapy and often recommended as a treatment for couples.

Ayurvedic Massage vs Regular/Normal massage?

Ayurvedic Massages have roots in Ayurvedic Medical Treatment. They prescribe it as a part of treatment for patients. On the other hand, a regular massage will help relax your body, making you feel less stressed.

Ayurvedic Massages rely on correcting the three doshas of the body. It is of significant importance the concept of Marma, chakras, and the entire nervous system of the body before beginning any massage or therapy. This is not considered in a regular massage. Hence for long-term benefits and keeping a healthy body, one can opt for a traditional ayurvedic massage. On the other hand, you can take regular massage as a recreational and rejuvenation therapy.

A doctor prescribes the accurate Ayurvedic Massage and oils applicable. Instead of opting for medicines and high sugar foods to cure anxiety and stress, you can book a massage session. You will feel much more relaxed and calm.