Friendship Day Special- Good Movies To Watch with Your Best Friends Forever

Best friendship based movies- good movies to watch | friends movie friends forever special | good movies to watch on this friendship day

Best friendship based movies- good movies to watch | friends movie friends forever special | good movies to watch on this friendship day

What are the joys and comfort of real friendship day? Outings? Selfies? ….

We believe that heartwarming friendships- best friends forever are about knowing each other in a better way and helping without being selfish.

The ups and downs of life reveal true friendships. Showing off to the world your bond is not at the friendship in the real sense.

Here are the friendship based movies for you to celebrate friendship day which will help you learn to build strong friendships at every step of your life.

The characters will certainly restore your faith in true friendships.

So settle in with your buddies on this friendship day and grab a tub of popcorn and celebrate the joy of being friends forever in a true bond of friendship!

1.The Intouchables -2011

This friendship based movie tells the story of a relationship that grows between two likeable men. A rich man Philippe hires a young man as his caretaker.



This memorable story is based on how they change each other’s lives. The Intouchables will certainly restore your hope and faith in true friendship.


2. You’re Not You- 2014

The movie is based on Michelle Wildgen’s novel. The movie revolves around a woman suffering from ALS and her companion who is free-spirited.



Both the women are a study in contrast. Superb performances by Kate Parker and Emmy Rossum make the movie worth a watch!


3. Thelma and Louise- 1991

This friendship based movie has a plot which we all will relate to at some point in time!




Two friends, Thelma and Louise embark on a road trip with unforeseen consequences. The film needs no introduction since it’s a major hit which celebrates sisterhood in its own uncompromising way.


4. Bridesmaids- 2011

Bridesmaids is an American comedy film that will be a perfect watch with your BFF. The movie is both critically and commercially successful. The plot brings into focus the relationship between two childhood friends who are put to test.



The comical plot will give you a nice Sunday afternoon binge watch.


5. The Bucket List- 2007

The plot of this friendship based movie revolves around two terminally ill men who are on their road trip with a wishlist of things to do. They leave their hospital room together and do all the things that make them happy before they die.



During the entire process, they heal each other, become friends and ultimately find joy in their life.

Serious friendship goals huh? So which movie are you going to watch with your BFF this weekend? Let us know in the comments section!