Free Kids Websites for Reading| Educational Websites for Kids

Free Kids Websites for Reading| Educational Websites for Kids

A kid’s curiosity to learn and know more can never be satiated. They are always eager to know more about the world, the surroundings and what not!

Being a parent we sometimes find it a complex task to how to cater to the needs of the brain of a kid. It then becomes easy for us to shrug off their questions and doubts.

But, thanks to the digital world ad educational websites which has now come up with millions of literacy educational websites for kids that will help them develop strong reading skills.

In this post, we have featured some of the best educational websites for kids which include a collection of digital libraries that will help our young learners find and access books designed specifically for kids.


1.Storyline Online

Storyline Online has over 100 million views annually from kids all over the world. The platform is developed by The Screen Actors Guild Foundation which aims to strengthen verbal and comprehension and written skills for English language learners.

This award-winning venture features accomplished actors and actresses reading some of the best children’s books.

Also, each story comes with a free Activity Guide to make the learning interesting and fruitful.


2.The Children’s Book Review 

The Children’s Book Review is a platform dedicated to children’s literature and literacy. Through this website, you can encourage your kid to read good books and select some on the basis of reviews published on the website.

They also enlist the best books for kids of all ages. The articles on the website will definitely help parents, grandparents, teachers and librarians.


3.National Geographic Young Explorers  

The educational magazine designed for kids by National Geographic is specifically for kindergarten and first-grade students. This also has an option to listen to the magazine being read to the kids as they follow along with the highlighted text.

Isn’t it the best way to bring non-fiction stories into reading centre time?


4. Oxford Owl

With Oxford Owl, you can access to over 250 audiobooks for children that can be used in the classroom.

The platform aims at providing free eBooks to support children’s learning at school and home as well. The expert’s advice will also help you as a parent to select the best for the kids.

It has brilliant educational resources which will cater to all the educational needs of the children.


5. International Children’s Digital Library

This free website will help you discover books from all around the world. It has a collection of books that represent outstanding historical and contemporary books from throughout the world.

A child must be equipped and aware of all the culture and diversity and also the language. This will make the child appreciate world literature and also it will be effective in the middle school grades.

We hope you find this post helpful!