Lip Smacking Ice Cream Parlor Around the World

Ice cream parlor around the world that serve delicious ice cream flavors | Best homemade ice cream to taste on national ice cream day at ice cream parlor | Enjoy national ice cream day with frozen desserts, gelato, homemade ice cream, chocolate ice cream, fried ice cream at the over-the-top ice cream parlor
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Ice cream parlor for ice cream flavors | Homemade ice cream on national ice cream day | Enjoy frozen desserts, gelato, homemade ice cream, chocolate ice cream, fried ice cream at the over-the-top ice cream parlor

Craving for a delicious scoop of ice cream at a fancy ice cream parlor? Do you need a season to hog on the best ice cream flavor? Or does your taste bud demand a national ice cream day to lick the best soft serve in the town’s best ice cream parlor?

Either it’s a summer season or the winters, the ice cream season is always on!

A dollop of ice cream and scrumptious frozen treats at a fancy ice cream parlor can swirl us to any part of the world and relish mouth-watering ice cream servings. A luscious scoop of our desired ice cream sundae, gelato, or fried ice cream or different types of ice cream can make all of us forget our troubles. Isn’t it?

Simple homemade ice cream too can bring a big hearty smile on our face. You just can’t regret an extra scoop of chocolate ice cream or favorite ice cream sundae or be it any.

It is an undeniable fact that ice cream is universally loved and “respected” among all of us!

Why not pay homage to the true superstars of the ice cream making world?

In this post, we will tour you through the world’s best ice cream parlor where you can take pleasure in the different types of ice cream flavors.

1. Jeni Ice Creams, Ohio, United States


With 45 ice cream shops around the country, Jeni’s splendid ice creams were once a big failure.

Now, it’s the Jeni ice cream shop’s unique flavors that have become her trademark.


Cheese, herbs, spices, chocolates, baked goods, wines, and what not! You can get ice cream out of all these under a roof. The local and organic ingredients make their ice cream the bestsellers.


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Katy Perry and Bethenny Frankel are some of their celeb fans.


2. Cows Creamery Ice Cream, Canada


Cows Ice Cream has been honored with the World’s top ice cream where you can enjoy the best cows ice cream with a variety of flavors. The range of sweet delicacies at Cows is eclectic!

“Gooey Mooey” and “Wowie Cowie” are some of their best ice cream flavors. All hail to their secret old ice cream recipe which makes it the finest not in the town but all over the world!


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Cows Creamery’s major USP is their all-natural ingredients used in ice cream and their return to the humble roots. After all, it is in the roots that one finds its uniqueness and great success!



The berries used in strawberry ice cream at the Cows Creamery ice cream parlor are exclusively from Prince Edward Island and each flavorsome ice cream scoop is served in handmade waffle cones.


3. Whitey’s Ice Cream, Illinois


Long queues at this ice cream parlor windows say it all!



Whitey’s ice cream parlor is known for its thick shakes and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. For diabetics, they have the “No Sugar Added” ice cream option to explore and enjoy.



The ice cream scoop size at the Whitey’s is worth the money and one can relish it thoroughly.


4. Da Luciano Ice Cream, Tokyo, Japan 


The owner of ice cream parlor Da Luciano, after working for 19 years at an Italian ice cream making machine company established his own gelato shops throughout Japan.

Famous for its delicious gelato, Da Luciano blend their ingredients by using the traditional Italian gelato manufacturing method.

Some of the unique and best gelato flavors are: “Nello” and “Larcano Series.” They promote safe foods while equally prioritizing the use of “locally produced ingredients”.

The shop is located inside an amusement park of whimsical wonderland- Namjatown. Admission to the park is required to access Da Luciano.

5. LICC- Luxury Ice Cream Company, York, United Kingdom


Fresh. Natural. Home-made ice-cream. Yes! This is all the logo of the ice cream parlor is about.

With over 230 flavors, LICC ice cream parlor keeps on adding new flavors to their ice cream all the time. During really busy times, the owners, Dawn and Howard make ice cream throughout the night so that its ready to display in the morning.



Not only ice cream, but the shop also serves delicious sorbets, hot and cold drinks, traditional sweets, and unique gifts.

The types of ice cream flavors are unique: ginger and pear cheesecake, ginger biscuit, orange and cranberry, and lots more!



The LICC ice cream parlor has been named one of the best ice cream parlors in the UK. The Willy Wonka style of the shop’s interior is certainly the icing on the cake.


6. Zanoni & Zanoni Ice Cream, Vienna, Austria


Vienna’s best-known ice-cream parlor, Zanoni & Zanoni, serves the finest Italian gelato. Along with legendary ice cream specialties, Zanoni & Zanoni is widely known for its scrumptious range of frozen desserts, patisseries, cakes, breakfast, and small dishes.



Since 1971, the ice cream shop is serving a huge choice of fresh and colorful ice cream flavors.


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Indeed, it’s a wonderful place for a sweet tooth to sit comfortably in the nice little outdoor area in front of the ice cream parlor and enjoy flavorful treats.


7. Ice Cream Lab, Dubai, UAE


The ice cream lab is widely known for its innovations to bring exciting types of ice cream flavors while using liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze the ice cream base.

Within a minute’s time, a fresh cup of your favorite ice cream is made and served.


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The ice cream parlor itself looks like a typical laboratory with nitrogen fumes coming out of the ice cream machine. You will be stunned to see the process of serving the fresh ice cream as liquid nitrogen expands in the air as smoke and evaporate like a magic in front of your eyes!


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Lava Mud Chocolate ice cream is the favorite and famous of all. With muddy texture and perfect flavor of chocolate, each ice cream scoop is served fresh.


8. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop


Baskin Robbins ice cream parlor around the globe is widely known for its 31 types of ice cream flavors.



Now they have experimented with more than 1300 types of ice cream flavors and stand as the biggest chain of ice cream shops in the world.


On the occasion of national ice cream day, the ice cream chain Baskin Robbins introduced 10 new different types of ice cream flavors. Some of them are Rocky Road, Chocolate chip cookie dough, Rainbow Sherbet, Mint chocolate chip, and many more!