6 Best Food and Wine Festivals You Cannot Miss This Year

Top Food and Wine Festivals Around the World- Best Cocktail and Food Festival Worldwide

Top Food and Wine Festivals Around the World- Best Cocktail and Food Festival Worldwide

A festival dedicated to wine? Well! Yeah!

If you are planning a fun getaway with your best buddies then you must not miss the world famous wine and food festivals around the world.

One of the best part of traveling is exploring the unexpected! The art, food, and culture you are less familiar with. Beer festivals and wine festivals are readily popping up around the world that could give you a serious bucket list of things to do with your friends this year!

Who doesn’t need an excuse to drink?


So raise your glass and toast to the world’s best drinking festivals around the world that will give you serious travel goals to cherish this year!


The Oktoberfest is one of the world’s largest folk festival which is held annually outside the Munich city centre.

Spanning over two weeks, at this festival you can consume the best beer from the world’s finest breweries and munch through thousands of grilled sausages, giant pretzels, and chickens.



The fest has a huge fame and popularity that it is able to pull off millions of visitors from around the world. During the 16 days festival, large quantities of Oktoberfest beer is consumed along with the large varieties of traditional foods.


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• 2019 Munich Oktoberfest Festival will be held from September 21st to October 6th.
• Beer is served by famous Munich breweries such as the Augustiner, Spaten, and Paulaner.
• Lots of traditional food options.
• Colourful parades and lots of fairgrounds options.
• Millions of visitors make pilgrimage to enjoy boozy eats, drinks, and carnival rides.
• Plenty of sights and delicious drinks to quench your thirst.



A three day event, Vineyard to Vintener is a festival organised by the winegrowers of Napa Valley. It is a wine producing region in the United States which provides a great opportunity to taste exclusive wines.


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• The dates are to be announced.
• The three day festival allows you to have an intimate look of the world class labels.
• It includes private home and vinery tours, elaborate dining experiences, and exclusive tastings.
• You can enjoy the live music while testing the world class wines.
• Explore cellars, enjoy special barrel tastings, food and wine pairings.
• Best place to increase your wine knowledge.



The Melbourne food and wine festival is held annually in March to promote Melbourne and Victoria’s food and wine culture.


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The wine lovers in their hundreds and thousands each year mark their presence to taste the flavours of regional Victoria through the festival’s signature events.


• 2019 Melbourne food and wine festival will be held from 8th March to 24th March.
• During the festival, the city comes alive with cultural and culinary experiences along with an impressive line-up of local and international chefs and winemakers.
• The festival is also known for cooking classes and large ‘banquet- style’ lunches.
• Great range of food and drinks on offer as well as free entertainment for family with unforgettable dining experiences.
• Pop-up bars serving Victorian wines and beers and fresh sea food.



London Cocktail Week is the most exciting, vibrant, and cocktail drenched week of every year.

On this event, the capital’s best bars throw open their doors to offer bespoke and unlimited cocktails. During this week, the city buzzes with events celebrating all things food and drink.


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• London Cocktail Week runs every year from 1st October to 7th October.
• It is a 7 day celebration of cocktail culture, which offers a chance to try some of the capital’s best drinks at London’s top bars.
• Over 300 bars and restaurants participate each year and offer discounts on boozy drinks.
• The schedule of events include obviously drink experiences, tastings, immersive pop-ups and workshops for the cocktail lovers.
• Enjoy the vibrant landscape of the capital’s renowned bars and brands.



Also known as ‘ La Batalla Del Vino’, is held every year in the northern region of Spain.

This festival could be your one of the favourite travel experience of all time. Such a crazy and fun fiesta, it involves battling and drinking red wine that Spain is renown for.


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• The La Batalla Del Vino festival is held every year on 28th June.
• Children, grandparents and all ages spend their whole night partying on the streets of Spain.
• More than 500 litres of red wine are thrown into the air with the aim to soak all the people.
• You can enjoy the live music, dance, and street stalls after the festival ends.



The city Bordeaux holds a four day wine festival every two year. The name of the city is itself synonymous with the word “wine”. Along with the drinks you can also enjoy the grand gastronomic experience provided by Liverpool’s finest chefs and restaurants.


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• The Bordeaux wine festival will be held in June 2020.
• Along with the Bordeaux wine, you will encounter many other superb brands from southwest region of France.
• Indulge in wine tastings, concerts, special events, art exhibitions and spectacular fireworks.
• Great music with open air concerts.

So where are you planning to spend your vacations this year? Let us know in the comments section below!