Best Comics of All Time to Read Before You Die

Best Comics to Read of All Time- Best Superhero Comics of All Time to Read This Year
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Best Comics to Read of All Time- Best Superhero Comics of All Time to Read This Year

The comic book industry has been really busy with the new releases this year. Every week we see a new debut and new imprints sprawling all over the comic stores and bookstores. It has become really hard to choose the best comics of all time!

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Our favorite Marvel comics and DC comics are already blockbusters in movie theaters.

Marvel superheroes and DC superheroes have a huge fan following worldwide. No doubt! the comics published by these are the best comics in the world!

Who isn’t crazy about superheroes with extraordinary superhuman powers?

The moment we think of reading some amazing and best comics, we think of our favorite superheroes like Spiderman comics, Superman comics, Batman series, Hellboy and several other major hit comics’ characters.

No wonder, DC universe, and Marvel universe are the rulers of the kingdom of comical superheroes and books.


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It has become really difficult to keep track of the new releases.





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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is the most popular of DC comics. This is a miniseries with four issues by Frank Miller which came out in the year 1986.

The comic book tells the story of a 55 years old retired person named Bruce Wayne who decides to fight crime.

The blaze of fury in Wayne’s return is in the match with the violence which he undertakes to fight the criminals. Later, a girl Carrie Kelly joins Wayne in this journey.

This comic series lists in almost all the “best of” comics list at the top.


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Despite its grim and dark plot, the comic series’ vast critical acclaim cannot be denied.



The “DARK” and “EDGY” superhero, Deadpool of the Marvel comics has become phenomenal marvel character in recent times.

It took almost 11 years in the making of this minor character into a Marvel superhero.


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The anti- fictional hero, Wade Winston Wilson, took up the mantle Deadpool to cure terminal cancer with superhuman healing powers.

Joe Kelly’s 1997 comic book made Deadpool the most popular character worldwide of all the Marvel superheroes.

If you are new to Deadpool, then following is the list where you can read every Deadpool comic in chronological order



  • DEADPOOL- The Joe Kelly Run
  • Deadpool Classic Omnibus ( Vol 1)
  • Cable & Deadpool
  • Deadpool: The Adamantium Collection
  • Deadpool- The Daniel Way Run
  • Uncanny X- force- The Rick Remender Run
  • Deadpool MAX
  • Deadpool (Marvel NOW)- The Gerry Duggan And Brian Posehn Run
  • Deadpool Minibus
  • Deadpool Classics Killustrated
  • Deadpool Kills Deadpool
  • Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe
  • Night Of The Living Deadpool

You can also read comics online available on various websites.



Superman comics are one of the most selling comic books than any other American superhero.

The Superman character is part of the DC universe.


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The journey of this DC superhero began in the year 1938 when DC comics published stories in periodical comics

One of the most iconic superheroes of all time, Superman, is really hard to follow.

Not to worry! We have listed Superman comics in chronological order to help you cover 75 years of Superman’s history easily!

  • Classic Superman (1938 to 1985)- Superman: A Celebration Of 75 Years- This comic will take you on a ride to the journey of Superman’s 75 great years.


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Witness the growth of Superman from a simple brave man to the international symbol he is at present.

  • From Man of Steel to Death of Superman (1986 to 1992) – This will include your read from Superman: The Man of Steel Vol 1- 9. Then you can follow Superman: Exile, Eradication, Krisis Of The Krimson Kryptonite, Time And Time Again, and Panic In The Sky.



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  • Death of Superman: This storyline will include World Without A Superman and The Return Of Superman



  • Superman In The 1990s: In this timeline, you will read the stories from Zero Hour: Crisis In Time, Superman: The Death Of Clark Kent, The Trial Of Superman, Wedding & Beyond, The Revenge Squad, and Transformed.



  • Superman in the New Millennium: Here you will read Superman: Birthright, the vast and colorful Superman into a brand new tale. Then follow First Thunder, No Limits, Endgame, ‘Till Death Do Us Part, Critical Condition, and Emperor Joker to Godfall.



  • From an identity crisis to infinite crisis: This has 8 stories to enjoy. From Unconventional Warfare to Infinite Crisis.


  • New 52 Superman reading order
  • Future Superman




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Uncanny X- Men by Chris Claremont is one of the all times greatest comic reads in the comic book history.

This series stretched for 16 long years from 1975 to 1991.

The dramatic storytelling and strong comic characters led this series to the peak of its popularity.

This comic series has also the strongest portrayal of marvel female superheroes.



This comic series will definitely be a great read of all times!



The ongoing American comic book series, Batman has always been at the peak of its popularity.


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Reading Batman is always a good decision.

This DC superhero abstains from killing anyone just like other superheroes like Superman. The story has spanned almost decades of storytelling and it is considered the greatest adventures in the history of comic books.



You can easily follow the chronological order of the Batman series available online.



Debuted in the year 1968, Captain America comic book series is created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.


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The first issue was sold over 1 million copies and soon became Marvel’s best selling comics. The ten issues were a major hit by Simon and Kirby before they started working for DC comics.

The background of World War II has served as the major backdrop of Captain America comics. The end of the war led to a decline in its sales.



The comic series soon revived and Captain America became an American icon.



Spiderman comic series has been entertaining us for more than 50 years now.


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This major hit of Marvel comics led to the making of Spiderman cartoons, Spiderman movies and number of spin-offs to entertain people of all generations.

It made its debut in the year 1962 through Amazing Fantasy. Since then, there has been enough comic series of this Marvel superhero in the entire world.



The design of Spiderman costume has made the series remarkable.

Also, it is one of the most recognizable costumes in comics.



The tale of the loss of freedom and the loss of identity in the totalitarian world is the setting of the comic series V for Vendetta.


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It is one of the highest achievements of the creators Alan Moore and David Lloyd. There are only 10 series of this comic published originally in black and white.

This frightening and powerful tale of the dystopian future of the United Kingdom in the 90s has been crafted with clarity in the comic.



This comic series with the groundbreaking story has captured the readers and has been at the peak of its popularity.

It is a must read this year!



Marvels comic book series is an unforgettable art and truly beautiful series written by Kurt Busiek.


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It is a four-issue limited series comic book by Marvel comics. The comics were published in 1994.

The story depicts the entire Marvel universe with all the Marvel superheroes in the comics.



The readers around the world are very well known of the minute details and each and every event of the Marvel universe.

The comic series is set up in the time period from 1939 to 1974. Marvels then became a highly successful comic series winning multiple awards.




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The original Fantastic Four comic series debuted in the year 1961.

The release of the very first issue of The Fantastic Four was a major hit. It was an unexpected success. With its publication began the modern age of Marvel comics.



It influenced many other superhero comics’ series and stood as a strong inspiration for other comics. Readers grew fond of the Fantastic Four comic characters.

Around 150 million copies have been sold worldwide as of the year 2005.

So these are our suggestions for the best comics to read right now.

Do tell us about your favourite comics and the favourite superheroes you admire the most in the comments section.