Lip Smacking World’s Best Burger You Just Can’t Resist

Best hamburger and cheeseburger in the world to try| Delicious good burger from in n out burger- chicken burger- umami burger

Best burger joint around the globe to try the famous burger recipes | Burger restaurant and burger shop that serve the best burger and beer around the globe

Satiate the craving for the best burger and beer at the world’s renowned burger joint listed below exclusively for the foodies out there!

It’s a fact that whether it’s a hamburger or a cheeseburger, we can eat this delectable snack at any time of the day. Isn’t it?

The burgers and brew joints have become our favorite place to hang out with our dear ones.

Imagine your favorite patty smothered in melted cheese, topped with sautéed onions, tangy pickles…indeed, it’s hard to beat such a burger recipe!

Today, burgers have become a staple diet for many, and numbers of street food joints or restaurants are popping up in large. So let us tour around some of the best burger restaurants around in the world.

Let us check out the craziest, drool-worthy, and most scrumptious burger restaurant from around the world.



 Fleur by Hubert Keller offers an intimate dining experience.


Source- Robb Report


They are well known for their best burgers. At Fleur’s, you can enjoy your good burger while enjoying the upbeat and hip feeling atmosphere. This place could be an ultimate foodie experience in Vegas.


Yes, you got that right. Fleur is popularly known for and boasts of its world’s second most expensive best burger in the world. This burger is called as THE FLUERBURGER 5000 which consists of a Wagyu Beef and burger patty topped with truffle sauce and shaved black truffles which served on a brioche truffle bun.


Source- Maxim


This goodness of burger is served with a bottle of Bordeaux which is about $2500 a bottle. You get to take home this wine served in Tischendorf glasses!




Bleeker Burger serves the best burger in London. This good burger outlet started as a market stall and since then they have been serving the best burgers in the town.

The cheeseburger at the Bleecker’s is worth an indulgence. They are soft, gooey and not overcooked. Just the way all of us like it.


Source- The Trusty Traveller

Served with two patties, two slices of melty American cheese and a soft bun….it is totally simple and perfect!

The outlet also serves a few milkshakes which are made o their own ice-cream, and cold craft beers so that you sit and enjoy this hearty meal.

Bleeker’s have also been awarded the title- TASTIEST BEST BURGER IN THE WORLD by FOODIE HUB.

Zan Kaufman, the founder of Bleecker, wants his burger to be less complicated with simple ingredients. This is the USP of their simple yet lip-smacking best burgers.

Indeed, the less is always more!




The burger chain in n out burger is widely popular for its scrumptious best burgers. This in n out burger chain is unique in the sense that its meat patties are freshly prepared and baked.

It is not one of those typical fast-food chain restaurants that the patties taste like microwaved cardboard.

The moment you take the first bite.. you will be addicted to its taste and freshness. Moreover, their patties are free of fillers, additives, and preservatives of any kind.


Source- Eater Austin


The lettuce, cheese and tomatoes are served fresh. The Animal Style Burger of in n out burger is popular in which the patty is cooked in mustard sauce, grilled onions and additional pickles make it a popular alternative to the regular burger.

After this burger, the Protein style burger is the most popular. In this style, the hamburger is put in a lettuce wrap rather than a bun.




The very first bite of the umami burger will make you understand the hype around this delicacy.

The umami burger is an American restaurant chain popular for its gourmet hamburger.

The word “Umami” means savoury taste. The creation of each best burger at Umami begins with a beef patty which is loosely packed and it is nestled on a cleverly branded Portuguese-style bun.



The patties are grilled and drizzled with its master sauce- secret sauce containing seaweed, kelp, fish oils and also sprinkled with Umami Dust- dehydrated mushrooms.

And the buns are oh-so-soft and springy and a bit on the sweet side. For the Vegans all around, they have veggie burger a falafel burger that is super delicious.




GORDON RAMSAY…The name is enough!

The outlet is located at Planet Hollywood and the taste of the burgers is stunning.


Source- Anotherfoodcritic

The menu is filled with burgers of different varieties including beef burger like the Euro burger which is topped with goat’s cheese. The Britannia Burger is presented with cheddar cheese and the Spicy Hell’s Chicken Burger full of deliciousness.

The unique element lies in the fact that they grill their burgers using only natural woods like alder wood and apple. These provide a unique flavour to the food.


Source- Vega Wandering


The menu at this outlet is unique which has The Farm Burger made using Duck Breast Bacon or The Hot Burger made with Mangalista pork. These delighters will add up to a unique experience!




The Minetta Tavern opened up in 1937. There is a bar before the large dining area which looks vintage and polished and refined. The ambience is charming and classy.

The most famous item at the Minetta Tavern is their Black Label Burger. This burger is famous all around. The burger comes with a big ole 8-oz patty of beef and topped with simply caramelized onions.

It is just a classic burger with no frills. The burger is served with tomato slices, lettuce, and sweet pickles.


Source- Minettatavernney


The burger is delicious, and simply WOW! The fries are also served with the right amount of delightful crunch and salt.

If you want to enjoy the best burger in the world, we recommend coming before the dinner rush and get your reservations done beforehand. You will not be disappointed.




Kaye’s Kitchen serves the classic American diner fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Kaye’s Kitchen is famous for its double cheeseburger.


Source- ocregister


The burgers at the Kaye’s are worth a try. The meat patties are topped with delicious cheddar and are of high quality.

The cheddar cheese is beautifully melted and gooey and the bread is sesame seed bun- very tender and pillowy and perfectly toasted. It is not a gourmet burger but a classic.




Fergburger is located right at the heart of the city. It is a small burger outlet ye so busy! There is always a big line outside throughout the whole day. Fergburger specializes in gourmet hamburger which is prepared with lamb, falafel, cod, and swine-and-chicken mix.

Their menu is diverse with a whole array of chicken, beef, fish, and hamburger. The famous burger joint also sells beers and wines.

So, when in Queenstown, Ferg is a compulsory stop. It is indeed the place that serves the best burger in the world.

The outlet has the coolest atmosphere with music playing above background level. Here you will find a random mix of cultures and people from all around the world enjoying the best burger in the world.



The burger bun at the Fergburger is juicy and fresh. The crispiness along with the flavoursome sauce will have you crave for more.

The bun freshly baked at the Ferg Bakery next door! You can also choose from 4 kinds of cheese to have on your burger- Swiss, Blue, Cheddar, and Brie Cheese.




Au Cheval is famous for its yummiest cheeseburger in the Chicago and it has become the talk of the town!

Their burger is surrounded by all kinds of emotions and nostalgia. It pretty much reminds of the burger that we ate baked by our grandma. The buns are toasted on both the sides and dressed in Dijonnaise- mayonnaise, lemon juice, and Dijon mustard. The pickles are housemade.



You will be surprised to know that people wait here in the queue for as long as 3 hours to get their favourite cheeseburger at Au Cheval! Well the hype itself says a lot about their delicacies. Isn’t it?




The Butcher’s Club was started by some meat enthusiasts for creating high-quality dry-aged beef in Hong Kong. This famous eatery focuses on handcrafted burgers made with a blend of chuck, rump, and brisket that is dry-aged.

The beer selection at The Butcher’s is good and the burgers are delicious.

One of their popular Classic burgers comes with maple bacon, pickles, tomatoes and a special sauce. Their Double Happiness burger comes with 2  cheeseburgers with maple bacon, tomato, and pickles.


Source- Tiny Urban Kitchen

For the fitness freaks out there, you have an option called The Skinny Jeans that has a smaller cheeseburger and a salad.  The salad consists of lettuce, leaves of mizuna, and a couple of grape tomatoes. The burger is dressed in honey mustard and makes it extremely delicious!




At Patty and Bun, you can have the best burger of your life!

Patty and Bun are popular for their organic gourmet patties. This place is a must-stop for burger lovers.

The interiors are so cool with trendy graffiti drawings on brick walls, neon lights, wooden tables, and even better food choices. The burgers are tender, juicy, and marinated to perfection!

Their Smokey Robinson Burger is complimented with caramelised onions, bacon, beef patty, and melted cheese. It will definitely be a heavenly delicious quick fix for your hungry tummies!


Source- Honest Cooking


The menu at Patty and Bun has something for everyone. It gives you the option to make each burger veggie with lots of vegan burger options.

You can even try out the Patty and Bun’s delicious sides such as ‘cheese balls’, salad, chips, coleslaw, and fried chicken.

Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section.

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