8 Best Bakery Cookbooks – Cakes, Tarts, Pies

Best Baking Recipes - Gluten-free Recipes, Vegan Recipes

Best Baking Recipes – Gluten-free Recipes, Vegan Recipes

A bakery is every sweet lover’s ultimate destination! Baking has been identified with many names like a science, grandmother’s best-kept secret, or even an art.

Knowing how to bake a cake from scratch is an essential life skill just like changing a tire or sewing a broken button. With the right knowledge, anyone can become a proficient Baker in no time at all.

A careful measure of ingredients and some chemical reactions can result in deliciousness! This is what we call baking.

After touring through the best bakeries around the world, let’s indulge ourselves in the art of baking.

Because everybody wants a cake!



1. The Pie and Pastry Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

Rose Levy Beranbaum is one of the meticulous Baker ever!

The book can be the magic wand for baking the scrumptious tarts, pies, and pastries of your dreams!

If you have never been able to bake a pie then this book will definitely transform you into a highly skilled and proficient baker. Rose Levy treats the baking process like a delicious science.



The specific steps on how to bake a pastry are a reason you will fall for the art of baking.

• Easy to follow recipes by country’s top baker.
• More than 300 recipes of pies, tarts, and pastries.
• Learn to prepare all kinds of sauces, glazes, toppings, and fillings.


2. Baking All Year Round by Rosanna Pansino

YouTube sensation Rosanna Pansino came up with her own collection of recipes. The book is a delightful celebration of themed baked goods.

You will find the delicious recipes for a myriad of occasions like baby showers, Valentine’s day, birthdays, father’s day or religious holidays.



The book has all the fun, creative, and delicious ideas to celebrate special occasions with your family.

• More than 85 recipes for special occasions and holidays.
• Fun, creative, and delicious ideas to make cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and much more.
• The book includes gluten free, dairy free, and vegan recipes.


3. Modern Baking by Donna Hay

Donna Hay is Australia’s most trusted and bestselling baker. Indeed, Modern Baking is one of the most beautiful books with truly enchanting pictures of the delicious sweet treats.

The book is none less than the modern baking Bible.

Each chapter has a different flavour profile like Chocolate, Caramel, Coffee, Sugar, and lots more.


Source- HarperCollins


• More than 250 mouth-watering recipes on cakes, biscuits, tarts, loaves, and all kinds of sweet treats.
• The recipes aren’t complicated and easy to bake.



• A helpful glossary and jaw-dropping photography of cakes, Ice-cream, tarts, berries, and much more.


4. The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

Rosa is definitely an undisputed diva of desserts. With 10 books dedicated entirely to baking and a blog of herself: Real Baking With Rose, she is the most sought after baker in the world.

The book is truly a Bible in the world of baking!



It has some of the most unusual and incredible recipes which you should bake and relish with the entire family.

• Considered as the Magnum Opus in the world of baking.
• Definitely a perfect buy for every culinary art lover.
• Over 100 recipes for cakes, cookies, candies, pastries, bread, tarts, pies, and more.


5. Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan

Dorie Greenspan has amazing expertise when it comes to anything sweet and delicious. She has written recipes for the most eminent chefs in the world like Daniel Boulud and Pierre Hermé.

The book has some easy to bake recipes and also a share of beautiful complex recipes.



Indeed, a beautiful compilation of standard recipes, great pictures, and suggestions for dressing recipes!

• The book covers a broad range of recipes like pastries, cookies, quick bread and lots more.
• Easy to follow recipes with useful tips.
• Equally helpful for both a novice and an experienced home baker.


6. Sister Pie by Lisa Ludwinski

Sister Pie: The Recipes and Stories of a Big-Hearted Bakery in Detroit is a cookbook published by America’s most renowned pie shop, Sister Pie.

The founder Lisa Ludwinski has earned great acclaim for her pies and her shop is one of the primary destinations for the ultimate sweet savoury.



The book features the story of inspiration behind the Sister Pie Bakery. The love and kindness carved in Lisa’s words reflect in her recipes as well.

• The tantalizing recipes straight away from Sister Pie’s owner.
• Drool-worthy photos and illustrations.
• Lisa Ludwinski’s favourite 75 most loved recipes for sweet and savoury pies.


7. Flavor Flours by Alice Medrich

Flavor Flours is a beautiful and fascinating book with tips on successful baking. The book has some useful information on different kinds of flour, taste, flavour affinities and more.

Alice Medrich has explained the innovative new techniques with the clarity and detail she is known for.



• An introduction to different kinds of flavours, ingredients and their function in the art of baking.
• Variety of flours are included like rice flour, corn flour, chestnut flour, buckwheat flour, theft flour and much more.
• Use of beautiful grains to bake gluten-free recipes.


8. The Bread Collection by Brian Hart Hoffman

The book is a crash course in sourdough, glorious dinner rolls, and flaky biscuits. It is an assembled mouthwatering batch of classic and innovative bread recipes.

The book is a pure wealth of information on the art and technique of bread baking. This comprehensive cookbook features Hoffman’s all-time favourite recipes with helpful tips and tricks on the art of baking bread.



• Step-by-step visuals on more than 130 recipes spanning over 200 pages.
• A fun, creative, and trendy twists on the classic traditional recipes.
• Learn the must-know secrets of perfect pull apart bread and tastiest twist bread that will help you have a lifetime of baking success.


Above mentioned are the best baking cookbooks for the home bakers and chefs of every skill and interest.

Hope these recipes help you bake the right sweet treat for your friends and family on special occasions.

Tell us some of your favourite baking books in the comments section below.