15 Best Bakeries in the World You Have To Try Before You Die

Best Bakeries In The World Every Foodie Should Visit- Top Places To Try Cakes, Pastries, Croissants, and Desserts

Best Bakeries In The World Every Foodie Should Visit- Top Places To Try Cakes, Pastries, Croissants, and Desserts

The smell of freshly baked bread, buttery cookies and caramelized Swiss rolls at the best bakeries are worth dying for!

There is nothing more tempting than the alluring smells at the best bakeries in the world.

If you’re reading this post then you are a pure lover of sweet, sugary, wrapped, and caramelized dough. Somewhere inside you wish you had been able to bake these goodies in your kitchen with the best bakery books while at your assistance.

The chewy loaves of fresh bread are unable to resist. Moreover, these remind you of home and introduce you to a new culture and cuisine. These goodies help you respite from the hustle bustle of the urban life and provide a delightful smell of the countryside.

The best bakeries which we have listed below are mouthwateringly beautiful inside out.


  2. DEMEL

1. Ladurèe, Paris

A French luxury bakery, Ladurèe is most famous for its colourful and delicious macarons.

This world renowned bakery is over 150 years old with over 100 branches located all around the world.



They have over a dozen different true-to-life flavours of macarons like the rose, caramel with salted butter, red fruits, pistachio and many more!


Source- simpleenjoytravel


The lines at this pastry counter can stretch out the doors on the weekend!

The flavours you must try:


Source- Bakeandbait


Rose Petal-Embellished with fresh raspberries, filled with rose petals and lychee cream.
Vanilla macarons – Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside with french vanilla buttercream.
Pistachio– Sweet and nutty flavour with a hint of salt.
Salted caramel– The perfect mixture of sweet and salt.

The House of Ladurèe also has a book of recipes with beautiful photograph collection.


Source- Amazon


2. Demel, Vienna

This bakery is world famous for its imperial style confectionery since the American Revolution times.

The café has a touch of elegance with beautiful mahogany wood, glass and chandeliers.



Demel has been featured in the list of top 25 bakeries in the world. Their sweet innovations like cakes and chocolates are legendary and historic.

Must try at Demel:

Anna’s Torte– Special chocolatey cake with 3 layers of chocolate sponge and rich chocolate buttercream.


Source- ionlyeatdesserts

• Tea scones, fresh cream cakes and other skillfully handmade confectioneries.



• Wonderful spread of traditional desserts.

The grand atmosphere at the Demel will make you feel like royalty. You can also watch chefs decorating and baking cakes as you enjoy your own slice.

Also, enjoy their cake museum hidden in the back!


3. Taxinge Slott Café, Sweden

The café is located just next to Sweden’s third largest lake, Mälaren.

The cakes and biscuits at this café are freshly made and absolutely delicious. No doubt! The place is paradise for a perfect sweet tooth!


Source- Kamillaskamera


The outdoor surroundings at the café are amazing with a relaxed atmosphere and a nice view of the lake!

The cakes with strawberries, raspberries, cherries and tangerine whipped cream are scrumptious.


Source- Sunfleet


Must try at Taxingeslott:

• Over 60 varieties of home-baked desserts, pastries and fikabröd.
• Fruitcake with banana sponge cake and of course whipped cream.
• Princess cake Prinsesstårta– Alternating layers of sponge cake, vanilla custard, jam and whipping cream with bright green marzipan.

Enjoy the cup of coffee and scrumptious summer treats with beautiful relaxing nature close to water.


4. Tartine Bakery and Café, San Francisco, California

The Tartine Bakery is best for its bread throughout the country.

The flavours are incredible and the bread is so soft that it will melt in the mouth the moment you eat it!


Source- Thewanderingeater


The croissants at Tartine are enormous, flaky and crisp. People line up every day to get the special Croque Monsieur and a special loaf of Tartine’s country bread.

Must try at Tartine:

• Highest quality of bread and pastries.
• Cheesy Croque Monsieur- Asparagus and hot cheese upon the famous bread.


Source- popsugar

• Flaky, crispy and buttery morning buns with outstanding chocolate inside.


5. Jason’s Bakery, Cape Town, South Africa

Jason’s Bakery is a contemporary shop where you can get all the sugary and savoury treats for your sweet tooth.



The shop is clad in wood with modern furnishings. With limited seating space, the bakery has an outside area which is big enough to enjoy glorious sunny days and crisp mornings.

The takeaway coffee and croissants at Jason’s is uber popular.




Must try at Jason’s:

• Wide selection of teas and fresh juices.
• Quinoa salad which is crisp, with orange, roasted almonds and dates.
• For a sweet start to the day, try the Challah French Toast with Vanilla crème and roasted apple.
• Lip smacking Carrot cake cheesecake is the reason people don’t mind queuing at the Jason’s.


6. Levain Bakery, New York

The best chocolate chip Walnut cookies you will ever get is only at Levain’s!


Source- EaterNY


People go crazy over their cookies and don’t mind lining up to grab the world’s best cookies.
The cookies are baked daily with the finest natural ingredients.

The food that isn’t sold goes to poor and hungry people o reduce the major problem of food wastage and hunger.

Must try at Levain Bakery:



• 6-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookies.
• Try out their all 4 flavours of the cookies- Dark chocolate peanut butter chip, oatmeal raisin, dark chocolate chip, and chocolate chip walnut.
• Try out their awesome crunchy walnut sticky buns which are served on Saturdays and Sundays.
• Taylor Swift and Ellie Kemper are some of the celebrities who enjoy their cookies.


7. Tai Cheong Bakery, Hong Kong

If you are craving for some delicious egg tarts on your trip to Hong Kong, then Tai Cheong Bakery must be on the top of your list.


Source- SpringTomorrow


You just can’t miss their delicious and smoothest egg tarts!

The bakery is famous among the tourists for its creamiest and buttery crust of the egg tarts.

Established in the year 1954, Tai Cheong Bakery is ranked as the number 1 in Hong Kong.


Source- thatfoodcray


Must try at Tai Cheong Bakery:

• The bakery has the reputation of serving the city’s best egg tarts.
• Piping hot, fresh out of the oven and buttery crust of the tart can’t be missed.
• Try their traditional Chinese pastries.


8. Hey Cookie, San Francisco

Christa, the cookie lady is famous for her sweet treats. People are mad over her basket of cookies which she bakes at Dolores Park.



She has an amazing variety of delicious and moist baked goods.

The sweet-natured Christa sometimes gives free cookies to the birthday buddies as a present.



Must try at Hey Cookie:

• Oreo rice Krispy treats with big chunks of Oreo and Andes mints on the top.
• Oatmeal raisin cookies and peanut butter cookies are must-haves.
• Butterfinger brownies are amazing and can’t be missed!
• Christa’s gluten-free cookies are a must try.


9. Bakerbots Baking, Toronto

Luscious ice-cream sandwiched between freshly baked cookies!

Yep! This is why Bakerbots is famous for in the entire Toronto.


Source- Samshimi


Bakerbots is a bakery and an ice-cream shop that serves the fresh cookies of your choice with your favourite flavour of ice-cream. Space is small so there is always a line-up out the door.

The baked goods and ice-cream are made in house. Be prepared to wait for 10-20 minutes for grabbing your delicious sandwich ice-cream.

Must try at Bakerbots:



• Crispy and chewy cookies with a sweet and salty mix of peanut butter and chocolate chips.
• Cream puffs and homemade ice-cream sandwiches.
• Seasonal pumpkin spice cake and chocolate cake.
• Blueberry tarts with plump blueberries are must try!


10. Neil’s Donut and Bake Shop, Wallingford CT

Neil’s “New York Style” old school donuts will make you go nuts!


Source- Onlyinyourstate


This roadside bakery is famous for its donuts, bagels, muffins, hard rolls, cookies, and pies. The place is tightly packed and the crew there is really efficient and helpful.

Must try at Neil’s Donut:



• Soft, fluffy, rich, and creamy Donuts.
• Their Jelly Donuts are worth trying. Crispy outside and full of jelly inside these donuts are worth a try!
• Iced coffee and breakfast sandwiches are incredible.


11. Hafiz Mustafa Café, Istanbul

The café is famous for its Turkish delight and baklava you could ever imagine!

You can choose to sit upstairs and enjoy their sweet treats with a strong glass of black tea.


Source- Travelswithmaryanne


Founded in the year 1864, the café will surely leave you with a serious sugar coma. The menu is flooded with all kinds of Turkish Delight with every possible flavour.

• Turkish Delights like rose, mint, cinnamon, and apple.
• Special Turkish coffee and Elma chai ( Apple tea).



• Chocolate and Pistachio pudding with excellent consistency.


12. Jaarsma Bakery, Pella, Iowa

Every item at this Dutch bakery is baked to perfection! Their large selection of baked goods makes it difficult to choose one.



The shop is more than 20 years old where you will also find the best gifting ideas for your family and friends. The Dutch souvenirs are must buy for your dear ones!



Must try at Jaarsama’s:

• Andre Almond Butter Cookie
• Chocolate cake topped with raspberry cream.
• Dutch letters with a flaky crust and an awesome almond filling.


13. Macrina Bakery, Seattle

Macrina Bakery has a casual vibe with a huge display of pastries.

The place has less seating options available but really clean and comfortable.



The friendly service at the bakery makes the vibe really cool. The bakery has some of the best-baked goods with delicious biscuits.



Must try at Macrina Bakery:

• You can’t afford to miss their dense, moist and fudgy Caramel Turtle brownies.
• Exceptional Apple tart with a perfect crust.
• The Mexican Hot Chocolate Mocha is spectacular and Bialy egg sandwich is worth a try!


14. Café Diglas, Vienna

Café Diglas is all about delicious pastries, lovely decoration, and piano tunes.

This historic restaurant has been serving coffee and a variety of classic sweets for more than 140 years.



The place is busy in the afternoon than in the morning. Your vacation would be incomplete without a visit to this coffee shop.

Must try at Café Diglas:

• Best Apple Strudel in the entire city.



• Spongy Topfentorte with a bit of lemon taste.
• Thick hot chocolate which is a bit bitter but very filling.



• Pumpkin soup with a lovely cream.



15. Gagou De Paris, Jerusalem

Gagou De Paris is famous for its French-inspired pastries and cakes.

The shop serves every kind of pastry that you could think of! This place has the world’s best croissants.



Must try at Gagou’s:

• All types of croissants like from caramelized pear to the simple, plain and flaky.



• Traditional cheesecake with fresh toppings of blueberry.
• Apple tarts on a rich puff pastry base with caramelized apples.
• Raspberry macarons and lemon meringue pie.

The feeling of walking into a bakery with the aroma of freshly baked goods is just priceless!

Mouth watering already?

Which ones is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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