9 Unique and Useful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her | Valentines Day 2019

Valentines Day 2019- Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her That Are Unique- Best Valentines Day Gifts 2019
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Valentines Day 2019- Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her That Are Unique- Best Valentines Day Gifts 2019

Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Choosing the best Valentine’s Day gifts 2019 for her is quite an intimidating task. This is the perfect time when you can show the care and thought you have for your lady love.

This year select some unique gifting ideas to surprise your beloved, traditional gifts like candy and chocolates are just out of the trend. They are super boring!!

Make her Valentine’s Day the best by gifting some unique token of love which she can adore throughout her life and reminds her of your care and thought.

This Valentines gift her beautiful, organic, luxurious, and natural beauty essentials which make her beautiful inside out. So that she glows happily! Because she deserves to be beautiful.


In this post, we have selected some of the meaningful gifts for your beloved which she actually desires on this Valentine’s Day!

1. Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the best gift that women could ever have on this Valentine’s Day! They have been used for centuries to support women’s health and a range of health issues.

The benefits of essential oils are magical for women’s daily lifestyle.




On this Valentine’s Day gift her the best of health and beauty with an amazing range of Essential Oil gift set.

You can include flavours like a Lemon for energising or de-stressing, Lavender for calming her soul, and many more to suit her personality!


2. Calming Bath Salts

This is the perfect time to show your love and care for your beloved!

Make her bathing experience calmer and therapeutic by gifting her healing bath salts to make her feel better at the end of a cold winter bath.


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The minerals included in these bath salts will help her remove toxins from the body and help her de-stress from the daily busy lifestyle. These bath salts will cleanse and purify her skin along with improving the skin hydration.

You can gift her Lavender and Mint Bath Salts, that will help her to relax and keep calm, also it will assist with good night sleep.


3. Scented Candles

On this Valentine’s Day gift her the luxurious range of scented candles that will instantly calm her and create a good mood with powerful fragrant was burners.

You can choose different candles that have concentrated and expensive perfumery ingredients.




You can select beautifully packaged scented candles that are hand poured into a handcrafted glass container. These can be a unique housewarming and great Valentine’s Day gift for her!


4. Bath Bombs

Help your beloved unwind the stressful week with luxurious bath bombs that will help her getting relaxed by drifting off peacefully into the good sleep.

Bath bombs release delightful scents that turn an ordinary bath into a joyful experience.


Source- Etsy


Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid in bath bombs deodorize, clean, and repair skin. It also strengthens blood vessels to make your skin look healthier and happier. Gift the perfect combination of bath bombs to your beloved this valentines for ultimate aromatherapy that create the atmosphere and ambience she will love!


5. The Love and Light Box

The Love and Light Box will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her! This box will be beneficial for your lady love is she is in need of some healing.


Source- crystalvisionltc.com


Your girl might be having a bad week or going through a lot in her life. The box contains healing crystals like a Selenite Heart that is perfect for setting a calm and tranquil vibe. It will protect, calm, and raise her vibration.


6. Luxurious Lip Balms

Any woman would love to have soft chapped lips that enhance her beauty.

You can choose a luxurious lip balm collection for your beloved on this Valentine’s Day.


Source- inthefrow


The luxurious lip balm collection will make her lip look brighter, pinker, and plumper.

Choose the gel-based consistency that treats her lips by improving their texture while hydrating and offering a shiny coating. Select the lip balms that have nourishing ingredients like Macadamia Oil, Vitamin E, and Shea Butter that makes her pout sexier.


7. Lip and Cheeks Highlighter Palette

Every girl loves to deck up for celebrating special occasions. Help your beloved look more beautiful by gifting the perfect lip and cheeks highlighter palette on Valentine’s Day.

This is a perfect gift for a woman who likes makeup and love to try out different shades.


Source- sparklewithkerry


With your personal selection of highlighter, she will be more surprised than ever!
Look for some of your female friend’s assistance and choose the best shade for her!


8. Travel Size Body Lotion

Gift natural body lotion collection enriched with skin healing properties with a delicate fragrance of sheer floral notes.

Your loved one will fall in love with the amount of care and thought that you would be put into selecting the best!


Source- TheOliveTree


You can choose lotion with supple ingredients like Vanilla, Honey, Kokum Butter, and much more to make her skin look smooth, silky and leave a lustre on her skin.


9. Sheet Masks Gift Set

Gift your beloved a highly curated gift box of infused sheet masks that heal her skin concerns.

Choose rich Ayurvedic sheet masks that deeply condition her skin, counteract dullness, and leave her skin exceptionally luminous on this Valentine’s Day.


Source- 100%pure


Make a collection of sheet masks infused with natural ingredients like banana fibre, wood pulp and many more than smoothen her skin to make it more firmer.

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