12 Secrets Motivational Speakers Never Tell You

12 Secrets Motivational Speakers Never Tell You

Motivation is the general willingness to do something in life. It compels you to take action.

For achieving success in life obviously, you need someone who can inspire you. One who can motivate you to touch the skies.

You need a powerful word.

And the fire within you can be set with a fiery motivational speech by a motivational speaker.

No wonder their words are impactful! Their words are really powerful to challenge you and bring out the best within you.

But, mere a change in the body language, eye contact, pace of the voice, and engagement with the audience are enough for you? Are these enough for you to call out for action?


1. Raising voice doesn’t mean additional emphasis. The best way to attract attention is a     small moment of silence.

Source- Capetownmagazine

Be silent and see the amount of attention you receive. Just a moment of silence is enough to jerk up the heads around!

A small pause is enough to attract attention.

2. A motivational speaker is always aware of the activity around.

Texting, listening to favourite music with the buds in the ears or be it anything!

The speaker is aware but lets it go. It doesn’t matter if you are interested or bored. The speech will go on.

Source- Heraldnews

Oh, wait! If you dare to disturb others or distract the people around, then you will be called out!

3. Think about what you can do for others, not what they can do for you.

This is the ultimate key to good networking!

Do not market yourself in front of new people. People are not interested in your qualities. You cannot be just about only “ME”.

Think about someone you know who could be helpful to the new people you meet in your daily life.

Connect two people, and suddenly, you are a hero.

4. The gathering of motivational speakers can be immensely powerful.

But it can be a useless opportunity for some.

When the speakers go on for too long on the stage, others in waiting have to rip up their half an hour of talking time to just seven minutes.

Source- benefitauctioncentre

This happens several times at backstage. They have to sum up whole speech into a few good notes with really effective points.

5. The surprising truth is always the key to a good speech. Find about something that people think in one way, and explain that really it’s this other way.

People are habitual of thinking in the same old conventional manner. They are not able to think a completely different or an opposite solution to a particular problem.

Motivational speakers tend to think in a different way. Their out of the box solutions are always a hit.

If you as a motivational speaker can achieve that, you have hit a home run.

6. Crowd reaction is indeed an important factor. But the size of the crowd is the real need for a motivational speaker.

Smaller audiences tend to lose focus. It becomes monotonous not only for the audience but for the speaker as well.

Source- wired

The group size of about 150 to 200 people is the sweeter spot. This size allows a motivational speaker to establish a collective crowd reaction.

7. A creative motivational speaker is liked by many. Their followers keep on increasing.

It is the REALITY which attracts the audience. Simply because it is relatable.

If you as a motivational speaker is stuck in a creative rut then try this:

Think about your life or your problem just like an object to your left. FOCUS. Let it be any random object. When you can relate your problem of life with that random object, then you are surely out of the creative rut.

It’s a simple exercise, but it can help get your creative juices flowing.

8. The audience comprises of some sullen faces too. They might be troubled with something.

Chances are that a motivational speaker will pick only those with a big sourpuss expression. The speaker will make it a mission to make that person laugh.

Source- SMU.edu

If he or she is able to do that by the end of the motivational speech, then that’s a success for the speaker!

9. What does it take to become an established motivational speaker?

Hard work? NO.

The best speakers build their career by soliciting international gigs. Now, this is possible only when you have credibility. You know those with the upper hands in the industry! Like an American from the Silicon Valley.

Meanwhile, you get the credibility at home for speaking internationally. This one trick can make any motivational speaker an established keynote speaker.

10. The best motivational speakers don’t always command the highest fees.

Jersey Shore reality TV star Snooki was paid $32000 in 2011 for two Q&A sessions by Rutgers University. That was $2000 more than it paid Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison to deliver a commencement address.

11. The problems like a sudden power cut in between a motivational speech can make any speaker nervous. It becomes terrible.

But with the help of a supportive audience, the speaker just keeps going!

The support and encouragement of the audience are important too for the motivational speaker in a big tight packed hall.

12. In a motivational speech, the delivery factor matters a lot in front of a big audience.

Whenever there is an important speech the great motivational speakers record it. They record every aspect of an important speech.

The speakers listen to it repeatedly so there will be no mistakes whatsoever.